English language support

Find your local public library

Public libraries often host English-language programs. Find your closest library and contact them for more information.

                        Portland area

                        Multnomah County Library

                        Multnomah County Library offers a wide range of classes, conversation groups and learning materials based on both speaking and writing. Whether you're trying to learn English for the first time or you're working to improve your existing skills, this is a great first step. These classes are located in several locations around the Portland area and are free of charge.

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                                              Portland ESL Network

                                              Portland ESL Network sharing resources for English language learners. This website helps find resources at local churches, public schools, non-profits, social services, community colleges & universities, businesses, and libraries.

                                              View the website for resources and maps

                                              Downtown Portland

                                              English in Action

                                              A program for English conversation practice. First Congregational Church, 1137 S.W. Broadway.

                                              North and Northeast Portland


                                              Offers a variety of ESL services to qualified refugee families through referral only.

                                              Multnomah University

                                              Multilevel ESL classes, free, open-entry.

                                              PCC MAP (Multicultural Academic Program)

                                              Trinity Lutheran Church

                                              Beginners and intermediate ESL classes. Free, open-entry. Child care available. Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, mid-Sept–May.

                                              • Address: 5520 N.E. Killingsworth, Portland
                                              • Contact: Fred Kramer

                                              Southeast Portland

                                              Goodwill Services

                                              Separated ESL class levels. Visit administrative offices and take a placement test to register.

                                              PCC Southeast Volunteer Literacy Tutor Program

                                              Volunteer Literacy Tutor Program. ABE/GED/ESL. One-to-one & small group tutoring.

                                              Russian Oregon Social Services

                                              ESL and self-sufficiency classes for women Russian speakers. Serves the Russian-speaking community. Classes ongoing throughout the year.

                                              • Address: 4033 S.E. Woodstock Boulevard, Portland
                                              • Tel: 503-777-3437

                                              Southwest and Northwest Portland and Tigard

                                              PCC Sylvania Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program

                                              Volunteer Literacy Tutoring Program. One-to-one and small group ESL tutoring.

                                              St Anthony's Middle School

                                              Multilevel ESL classes, free, no childcare, Tues. & Thurs. eves, 10-week terms.

                                              • Address: 9905 S.W. McKenzie, Tigard
                                              • Contact: Derene Meurisse: 503-590-5582, or Marco Espinoza (Español): 503-639-4179 ext.129

                                              Tigard Senior Center

                                              ESL classes and citizenship tutoring. Separated levels, free, open entry.

                                              Tigard United Methodist Church

                                              Free ESL classes, 3 levels, open-entry, 10 week terms. Free childcare.

                                              • Address: 9845 S.W. Walnut Place, Tigard.
                                              • Contact: Paul Colligan at 971-275-3775 (English), Rosemary Carleson at 503-635-6505 (Español)

                                              Portland Community College

                                              Portland Community College offers affordable classes for people who want to improve or learn English for the first time.

                                              Get more information about classes and how to register

                                              Portland State University Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

                                              Whether you want to improve your English to pursue a degree at an American university or want to study English for personal or professional reason, the IELP can help you.

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                                              Disclaimer: This list is provided as an information service only. It is not an exhaustive list of services or companies and is not an endorsement by OHSU of any company listed.