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When you join OHSU, you join a dedicated team of caregivers, educators, researchers and administrative professionals who diligently pursue the advancement and application of knowledge to directly benefit Oregonians. See a list of careers.

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OHSU volunteer programs

Office of Visitors and Volunteers (OVV)

Volunteers can gain valuable hands-on research experience, which may bolster their current or future education and career goals. Additionally, volunteers are often given the opportunity to network with established research scientist and medical professionals. Above all, volunteers gain a sense of accomplishment by giving back to OHSU, to their community, and to future generations who will benefit from medical research being conducted today. Visit the Office of Visitors & Volunteers website for more information.

    Healthcare Volunteer Services (HCVS)

    Volunteers are offered the opportunity to serve their community in Oregon's only comprehensive academic health center, working alongside staff that is continually recognized as leaders in delivering quality healthcare. Visit Healthcare Volunteer Services for more information.

    Other volunteer programs

    There are many different volunteer opportunities all around the greater Portland area. Below are a few suggestions to help get you started:

    Disclaimer: This list is provided as an information service only. It is not an exhaustive list of services or companies and is not an endorsement by OHSU of any company listed.