Publications and Preprints

Recent publications and preprints

The structure of the Caenorhabditis elegans TMC-2 complex suggests roles of lipid-mediated subunit contacts in mechanosensory transduction.
Clark S, Jeong H, Posert R, Goehring A, Gouaux E. (2024) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Feb 20;121(8):e2314096121.

Structure of C. elegans TMC-2 complex suggests roles of lipid-mediated subunit contacts in mechanosensory transduction
Clark S, Jeong H, Posert R, Goehring A, Gouaux E. (2023) bioRxiv. Aug 17:2023.08.16.553618.  Pre-print.

Large-scale growth of C. elegans and isolation of membrane protein complexes
Clark S, Jeong H, Goehring A, Kang Y, Gouaux E. (2023) Nat Protoc. Sep;18(9):2699-2716. 

Quantitative DNA-PAINT imaging of AMPA receptors in live neurons
Youn Y, Lau GW, Lee Y, Maity BK, Gouaux E, Chung HJ, Selvin PR. (2023) Cell Rep Methods. 3(2):100408

Purification and biochemical analysis of native AMPA receptors from three different mammalian species
Rao P, Gouaux E. (2023) PLoS One. 18(3):e0275351.

Cryo-EM structures reveal native GABAA receptor assemblies and pharmacology
Sun C, Zhu H, Clark S, Gouaux E. (2023) Nature. Oct;622(7981):195-201.  

Structures and membrane interactions of native serotonin transporter in complexes with psychostimulants
Yang, D., Zhao, Z., Tajkhorshid, E., Gouaux, E. (2022) Proc Natl Acad Sci. Jul;120(29):e2304602120.

Structures of the TMC-1 complex illuminate mechanosensory transduction
Jeong, H., Clark, S., Goehring, A., Dehghani-Ghahnaviyeh, S., Tajkhorshid, E., Gouaux, E. (2022) Nature Oct;610: 796-803.

Aminomethanesulfonic acid illuminates the boundary between full and partial agonists of the pentameric glycine receptor
Ivica J, Zhu H, Lape R, Gouaux E, Sivilotti LG. (2022) Elife Aug 17;11:e79148.

Isolation, cryo-laser scanning confocal microscope imaging and cryo-FIB milling of mouse glutamatergic synaptosomes
Gogoi P, Shiozaki M, Gouaux E. (2022) PLoS One Aug 12;17(8):e0271799.

Molecular structures and conformations of protocadherin-15 and its complexes on stereocilia elucidated by cryo-electron tomography
Elferich, J., Clark, S., Ge, J., Goehring, A., Matsui, A., Gouaux, E. (2021) Elife Dec 29; 1;10:e74512.

Selected publications

Hippocampal AMPA receptor assemblies and mechanism of allosteric inhibition
Yu J*, Rao P*, Clark S, Mitra J, Ha T, Gouaux E. (2021) Nature 594:448-453. (*contributed equally)

Structure of mouse protocadherin 15 of the stereocilia tip link in complex with LHFPL5
Ge J*, Elferich J*, Goehring A, Zhao J, Schuck P, Gouaux E. (2018) eLife 7:e38770. (*contributed equally)

Glycine receptor mechanism elucidated by electron cryo-microscopy
Du J*, Lü W*, Wu S, Cheng Y, Gouaux E. (2015) Nature 526:224-229. (*contributed equally)

Neurotransmitter and psychostimulant recognition by the dopamine transporter
Wang KH*, Penmatsa A*, Gouaux E. (2015) Nature 521:322-327. (*contributed equally)

X-ray structures of AMPA receptor-cone snail toxin complexes illuminate activation mechanism
Chen L, Dürr KL, Gouaux E. (2014) Science 345:1021-1026.

NMDA receptor structures reveal subunit arrangement and pore architecture
Lee CH, Lü W, Michel JC, Goehring A, Du J, Song X, Gouaux E. (2014) Nature 511:191-197.

X-ray structure of dopamine transporter elucidates antidepressant mechanism
Penmatsa A*, Wang KH*, Gouaux E. (2013) Nature 503:85-90. (*contributed equally)

Molecular mechanism of ATP binding and ion channel activation in P2X receptors
Hattori M and Gouaux E. (2012) Nature 485:207-212.

X-ray structures of LeuT in substrate-free outward-open and apo inward-open states
Krishnamurthy H and Gouaux E. (2012) Nature 481:469-474.

Principles of activation and permeation in an anion-selective Cys-loop receptor
Hibbs RE and Gouaux E. (2011) Nature 474:54-60.