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Public Health Workforce Training

Continued learning and professional development is a cornerstone of public health but finding appropriate training opportunities and assistance can often be a challenge. 

Our aim with this website is to provide a landing place where public health professionals across Oregon can access timely  and organized information for online courses, workshops, project assistance, conferences and other professional development opportunities.  

We understand that the demands of the public health field are changing and new strategies and skills will be needed to manage the challenges that COVID19 and other timely issues present in your communities.  We invite your input so we can continuously improve this platform.

Please email your training needs and feedback to:  CommunityResearch@ohsu.edu 

COVID-19 Resources

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You can find the latest COVID-19 essentials, advice from OHSU experts and COVID FAQ's , HERE

Upcoming Events and Trainings

The Evolving Role of a COVID-19 Community Advisory Group

Free, Online, 1 hour, Recorded Content - Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Every Contact Counts: Contact Tracing for Public Health Professionals

Free, Online, 1.5 hours, Recorded Content - Northwest Center for Public Health Practice