Pancreas Translational Tumor Board

The Pancreas Translational Tumor Board is comprised of clinicians from surgery, radiology, oncology and pathology, researchers from each of the program leaders’ labs and those supported by the Brenden-Colson Center for Pancreatic Care, genetic counselors, and patient advocates. The group meets monthly to discuss an individual’s clinical events and significant research findings, including information generated from that patient's own tumor or blood. This multi-disciplinary approach allows for shared perspectives to develop new research questions and patient treatment options. Importantly, these meetings also allow cross-discipline pancreatic cancer education for all team members, provide an understanding of what information is helpful to clinicians, and determine what bottlenecks exist in the multi-parametric analysis of patient samples.

Pancreas Translational Tumor Board Diagram
Diagram demonstrating how patient samples are analyzed and subsequent results are discussed with the multidisciplinary team to inform patient care.