About Us

The BCCPC is a patient-centric hub

More than 40 years ago Congress enacted the National Act to Wage War on Cancer. Since then little has changed to improve the outcomes for patients with pancreatic malignancy. During the same interval, improvements in care for patients with pancreatitis and the aftermath of pancreatitis have also lagged behind the successes seen in other acute and chronic diseases. It is time to chart a new course for pancreatic disease.

Our goals

  1. Improve detection of early-stage pancreatic disease by developing minimally invasive tests and novel clinical imaging methods
  2. Engage in translational research towards the development of advanced innovative surgical and medical therapies for benign and malignant pancreatic diseases
  3. Develop and implement effective therapies that improve pancreatic disease patient quality of life
  4. Nurture and support discovery science to enhance understanding of pancreatic health and disease
  5. Provide education for providers and patients about the latest developments in pancreatic disease understanding and treatments