Clinical Research

One of the Brenden-Colson Center for Pancreatic Care’s central values it to translate emerging knowledge into rapid action so that patients have the opportunity to benefit from the latest discoveries. 

Aligned with these values, the Brenden-Colson Center for Pancreatic Care (BCCPC) established several projects that bridge laboratory research with medical research. Our researchers and clinicians collaborate closely and learn from each other, with the goal of improving treatments for patients with pancreatic diseases.  Our Pancreas Translational Tumor Board is comprised of clinicians from surgery, radiology, oncology and pathology, researchers from each of the labs supported by the BCCPC, genetic counselors, and patient advocates. The group meets to discuss an individual’s clinical events and significant research findings, including information generated from that patient's own tumor or blood. This multi-disciplinary approach allows for shared perspectives to develop new research questions and patient treatment options.

Learn more about the BCCPC’s Clinical Research by clicking the links below:
Oregon Pancreas Tissue Registry (OPTR)
Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection (PRECEDE) Consortium 
Pancreatic Cancer Detection Consortium (PCDC)