About the Center

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Our center is recognized as a national leader in dementia care and research. Learn about our Cores, labs, and events.

Data requests

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Researchers can request to use Layton Center data for further research. Learn how the process works.

Grant opportunities

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The Layton Center offers several pilot grant programs for new or more experienced investigators. Apply for a grant

Our research programs

Research studies at the Layton Center include clinical trials, and studies focused on caregiving, advanced technology, and aging. The Layton Center also offers resources for patients, including: 

  • An online research registry, ACTNOW
  • A print newsletter, Alzheimer's Update
  • Support groups and educational events

A close partnership

The Center is works collaboratively with the Oregon Center for Aging and Technology (ORCATECH), which uses technology to assess the health and independence of aging older adults. ORCATECH's initiatives include: 

  • An innovative technology platform 
  • Roybal Centers and research studies
  • Partnerships with global institutions

Featured publications

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Correlating continuously captured home-based digital biomarkers of daily function with postmortem neurodegenerative neuropathology
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Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology
Postmortem 7T MRI for Guided Histopathology and Evaluation of Cerebrovascular Disease

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