2019 Blood-Brain Barrier Consortium Meeting

March 7 - 8, 2019

Hilton Portland Downtown, 921 SW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

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2019 Meeting Highlights:  

  • Role of the BBB in Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumors
  • Imaging and Characterization of the Neurovascular Unit
  • The Role of Thiols in Otoprotection and Chemo Enhancement from the Test-tube to FDA Approval
  • The Blood-Brain Barrier in Acute Care Settings
  • Emerging Methodologies and Concepts around CNS Barriers Science
  • Lunchtime Poster Session on March 7th and other poster viewings and networking opportunities
  • Travel Scholarship Awards for selected graduate students, medical students, and junior researchers
  • Informal discussions about emerging preclinical research and multi-center clinical research protocols on neuro-imaging, primary CNS lymphoma, and immunotherapy in CNS tumors
  • Funding Opportunities Roundtable featuring representatives from the NIH, ACS, industry, and other sources
  • A Tribute to Dr. Dick Traystman
  • One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with leading experts in the field


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Draft Program - Thursday, March 7

We are currently in the process of confirming speakers and times.  Please check back often for updates.                              

Thursday, March 7   Speakers/Moderators
7:00 Breakfast  
BBB Consortium Discussion (OPEN SESSION) Moderator(s): Nancy Doolittle, Prakash Ambady
          Status of Ferumoxytol in CNS Imaging  
8:00 Ferumoxytol as a Metric of Inflammation and the Tumor Vasculature Ramon Barajas 

Portland, Oregon

8:10 Potential Clinical Benefits of Ferumoxytol Imaging in the Brain Laszlo Szidonya 

Portland, Oregon

8:20 Aiming for FDA Approval of Ferumoxytol as an MRI Contrast Agent; Where Are We in 2019? Csanad Varallyay 

Portland, Oregon

8:30 Discussion/Q&A (5 minutes)  
          Immunotherapy in CNS Tumors  
8:35 Primary CNS Lymphoma: Challenges and Controversies David Peereboom 
Cleveland, Ohio
8:50 Maintenance Obinutuzumab for Primary CNS Lymphoma Complete Responders: an Update (NCT 02498951) Nancy Doolittle 

Portland, Oregon

9:00Immunotherapy Clinical Trials for Brain TumorsPrakash Ambady 
Portland, Oregon
9:10 The Impact of Immunotherapy on the Central Nervous System Joseph Bubalo 

Portland, Oregon

9:25 Discussion/Q&A (5 minutes)  
9:30 Correlation of MR with Brain Slices in CNS Disease  Randy Woltjer 

Portland, Oregon

Break 9:45-9:55  
          Emerging Preclinical Research  
9:55 Pathway Analysis after Osmotic BBB Opening 

Scott Burks
Bethesda, Maryland

10:10 Impact of STS on Cisplatin Efficacy in Rat Models of Disseminated Medulloblastoma  

Leslie Muldoon
Portland, Oregon

10:25 Low Dose Radiation Enhances Antisense Knockdown of Specific Protein Expression Jeffrey Wu 

Portland, Oregon

10:35 Acetaminophen, STAT3 and Cancer Stem Cells Alexander Neuwelt 

Richmond, Virginia

10:45 Transcriptional Signatures in Histologic Structures within Glioblastoma Tumors may Predict Personalized Drug Sensitivity and Survival  Cymon Kersch 

Portland, Oregon

10:55 Discussion/Q&A (5 minutes)  
New Investigator Presentations: Travel Scholarship Awardees  
11:00 Seeing is Believing: In Vivo Imaging of Neonatal Cerebral Vasculature Development  Vanessa Coelho-Santos 

Seattle, Washington

11:10 Intratumoral Pharmacokinetics of Systemically Administered Trametinib in Patients with Recurrent High Grade Gliomas: Research in Progress Carlos G Romo 

Baltimore, Maryland

11:20 CNS Distribution of 1st and 2nd Generation Antisense Oligonucleotides after Intrathecal Administration and Factors Influencing Their Delivery  Brynna Wilken-Resman 

Madison, Wisconsin

11:30 Lunch and Poster Session  
Role of the BBB in Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumors Moderator(s): Bjoern Bauer
1:00 Characterization of the Blood-Tumor Barrier Patricia Steeg
Bethesda, Maryland
1:15 The Effects of Radiotherapy at the Blood-Tumor Barrier Paul Lockman
Morgantown, West Virginia
1:30 Drugs, Radiation, and Brain Barriers: What Do We Know for Sure? William Elmquist 
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1:45 Impact of the BBB on Delivery and Efficacy of EGFR-Targeted Antibody-Drug Conjugates Jann Sarkaria 
Rochester, Minnesota
2:00 Treating Peripheral and Central Nervous System Tumors Simultaneously: Learnings and Opportunities Based on NF1 Jaishri Blakeley 
Baltimore, Maryland
2:15 –2:45 Panel Discussion/Q&A All Speakers
Break 2:45-3:00    
Imaging and Characterization of the Neurovascular Unit Moderator(s): Robert Thorne, Paula Jacobs
3:00 Imaging Transporters at the Blood-Brain Barrier Jeanne Link 
Portland, Oregon
3:15 Pericyte Structural Plasticity and Cerebrovascular Function Andy Shih 

Seattle, Washington

3:30 MRI and PET-Based Image Guidance for Precise and Predictable Delivery of Antibodies and Nanobodies Across the BBB Miroslaw Janowski
Baltimore, Maryland
3:45 Pushing the Boundaries of Multiphoton Brain Imaging Chris Xu 
Ithaca, New York
4:00 Organoid Models of the NVU Choi-Fong Cho 
Cambridge, Massachusetts
4:15 –4:45 Panel Discussion/Q&A All Speakers
5:00 Group Photo  
5:30 Dinner and Introductions IBBS Update – Robert Thorne
6:00Tribute to Dr. Dick Traystman

Wendy Macklin
Denver, Colorado

6:20 The Current Status of Preclinical and Clinical Studies on Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Edward Neuwelt 

Portland, Oregon

6:30 Keynote - Opening the Blood-Brain Barrier: The Acute and Chronic Changes in the Molecular Microenvironment Joseph Frank 
Bethesda, Maryland
7:00 Dessert, Poster Viewing, Networking  

Draft Program - Friday, March 8

We are currently in the process of confirming speakers and times. Please check back often for updates.

Friday, March 8   Speakers/Moderators
7:00 Breakfast  
Funding Opportunities Roundtable (Featuring Representatives from the NIH, ACS, Industry, and Other Sources) Moderator(s): Prakash Ambady, Robert Thorne
8:00   Walter Koroshetz 
Bethesda, Maryland
8:20   J. Leonard Lichtenfeld 
Atlanta, Georgia
8:30 –9:30 Panel Discussion  
  Paula Jacobs 

Bethesda, Maryland

Linda MacArthur 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Margaret Ochocinska  

Bethesda, Maryland 

Karl Schmidt
Summit, New Jersey 

Robert Andrade
Durham, North Carolina

9:30 Moving PET Tracers from Bench to FDA Paula Jacobs
Bethesda, Maryland
Break 9:50-10:00    

The Role of Thiols in Otoprotection and Chemo Enhancement from the Test-tube to FDA Approval 

Moderator(s): Penelope Brock, Kristin Knight
10:00 Short and Long Term Impacts of Cisplatin Induced Ototoxicity  Kristin Knight 
Portland, Oregon
10:15 The Road from Preclinical Trials to FDA Approval Penelope Brock 
London, United Kingdom
10:30 Prospective Randomized Trial with STS in Localized and Disseminated Disease Sidnei Epelman 
São Paulo, Brazil
10:45 –11:00 Panel Discussion/Q&A All Speakers
The Blood-Brain Barrier in Acute Care Settings Moderator(s): Brian Eliceiri, Prakash Ambady
11:00 The Impact of Glia on the BBB during Injury Wendy Macklin 
Denver, Colorado
11:15 Impairment of Signaling within the Neurovascular Unit after Acute Stroke Anusha Mishra 
Portland, Oregon
11:30 CAR-T Related Encephalopathy Syndrome: Blood Brain Barrier Compromise? Holly Hinson 
Portland, Oregon
11:45 –12:00 Panel Discussion/Q&A All Speakers
12:00 –1:30 Lunch, Poster Viewing, Mentor Session  
12:15 –1:15 One-on-one Mentor Sessions  
Bjoern Bauer 
Robert Thorne 
Joseph Frank 
Joseph Quinn
Lester Drewes
Patricia Steeg 
J. Leonard Lichtenfeld 
Paula Jacobs
Brian Eliceiri
Wendy Macklin 
Penelope Brock 
Walter Koroshetz
Nathalie Agar
Emerging Methodologies and Concepts around CNS Barriers Science Moderator(s): Lester Drewes, Walter Koroshetz
1:30 Intro: Views of CNS Barriers Science from One Hundred Thousand Feet Walter Koroshetz
Bethesda, Maryland
1:40 Engineering Transport of Large Molecules across the BBB (Denali) Robert Thorne 
South San Francisco, California
2:05 Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Other Methods for Clinical and Pre-clinical Investigation of the NVU Nathalie Agar 
Boston, Massachusetts
2:30 Analysis of Cell Types that Make Up the Blood Vessels in the Brain and Eye Using Single Cell RNA Sequencing Christer Betsholtz 
Uppsala, Sweden
Break 2:55-3:05    
3:05 BBB Disruption in Alzheimer's Disease: Cause or Cure? Joseph Quinn 
Portland, Oregon
3:30 The Role of the NVU in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Matthew Campbell 
Dublin, Ireland 
3:55 –4:20 Panel Discussion Led by Walter Koroshetz and Lester Drewes
4:20 Meeting Wrap-up Edward Neuwelt 
Portland, Oregon
4:30 Adjourn  


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