Care Coordination (CACOON)

About CaCoon

CaCoon is a statewide public health nurse home visiting program. CaCoon provides community-based CAre COordinatiON for children with special health needs. The CaCoon program has operated in most Oregon counties for over 20 years.

Children served in the CaCoon program make fewer visits to the emergency department. They also have higher rates of immunization, annual well-child, and dental care visits.


The Population We Serve

CaCoon is a public health nursing program serving families that have a child (age 0-21) with a disability or a chronic health condition. The most vulnerable families, such as those with a newly diagnosed infant, are prioritized for CaCoon services.


How Can a CaCoon Nurse Help My Family?

A CaCoon nurse partners with your family over time to:
  • Identify your child’s strengths and needs.
  • Connect with healthcare and other community supports.
  • Make sure your child’s health team works well together. (The team is made up of your family and the professionals involved.)
  • Get the information you need to make health-related decisions for your child.
  • Identify problems and help you find solutions.
If your youth with special health needs is age 12-21, some counties offer CaCoon services to help your family plan and prepare for adult health care, work, and independence.


For More Information

If you would like information or resources about specialized health services and want to know more about CaCoon, contact your local health department. You can also contact the Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs office at:   

Phone:  503-494-8303


CaCoon Flyer (half page) - English

CaCoon Rack Card - English

CaCoon Rack Card - Spanish

CaCoon Contact Information at Local Health Departments


Introduction to CaCoon:

Introduction to CaCoon - PowerPoint presentation
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Introduction to CaCoon - Worksheet
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Resources for CaCoon Providers

CaCoon Toolbox
The toolbox contains links to supporting documents and resources.

Making a Difference!

Evidence-Based Outcomes for Serving Children with Special Health Needs

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