Better the Future

The Moore Institute recently launched a public health initiative aimed at translating the science of the developmental origins of health &disease (DOHaD). The goal is to help catalyze a movement to change our food culture and eliminate chronic disease where it starts.

The focal point of the initiative, a blog called, has regular posts focusing on community, environmental and cultural factors that influence how we eat. Posts conclude with actionable steps, in a crawl-walk-run format, that readers can take to make a difference in their own lives, within their close social circles, and within their schools, workplaces and communities. The blog not only spreads the DOHaD message, but empowers people to call for change to our food system while providing the scientific justification for doing so. 

The hub already has articles focused onbaby on mother's chest how our food culture is making us sick, how dad's nutrition impacts children's health, how birth weight predicts our risk for adult chronic disease and ways to strengthen the connection between schools and nutrition. If you have an idea for an article, or are interested in contributing to the blog, drop us an email and let us know.

Along with the digital hub, a social media campaign on Facebook ( and Twitter (@BettertheFuture) is building an engaged group of followers who are interested in food, nutrition, health and social change. Not only does this give us an outlet to share blog posts from, but also a place to actively engage with people who are advocating for changes to our food culture.

Why now?

The health of the American population has been steadily declining over the past 30 years as we have consumed more processed foods and fewer fresh whole foods. We believe the key to reducing the prevalence of chronic disease across the lifespan in current and future generations includes promoting healthy, nutrient-rich diets based on whole foods in early life –before conception, during pregnancy and lactation, and in infancy and early childhood.

A growing awareness of the decreasing health of the American population, the links between food and health, and the realization of the role of Big Food in marketing health damaging products has led many to a place where they are ready to work for change. It is with this momentum that we are building the Better the Future movement. And it is with this momentum we will encourage, empower and inspire people to act now to set our children and grandchildren up to be the healthiest generation the world has ever seen.

There's a lot of work to do and everyone has a role to play, so join us and together we will end chronic disease where it begins.