Alejandro Aballay, Ph.D.The Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology comprises a cadre of interactive and interdisciplinary faculty with diverse expertise. The overall mission of our department involves research and education, while bringing together basic and translational efforts through close collaborations.
-Alejandro Aballay, Ph.D.

Welcoming new faculty

Isabella Rauch, Ph.D.
The Molecular Microbiology & Immunology department is pleased to welcome Isabella Rauch, Ph.D., as an assistant professor starting in January 2019. During her research career, Isabella explored innate immunity in barrier tissues such as the skin and the intestine. In her most recent postdoctoral work she described a defense mechanism that is activated in intestinal epithelial cells upon cytosolic detection of pathogens by sensors called inflammasomes. In her lab, she plans on studying this fascinating response and its role in infection, in more detail. Welcome, Isabella! 

Jonathan Pruneda, Ph.D.MMI is delighted to welcome Jonathan Pruneda, Ph.D., joining us as an assistant professor. Jonathan brings an exciting approach to studying microbial pathogenesis. Throughout his Ph.D. at the University of Washington and postdoctoral work at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Jonathan’s research has focused on the molecular basis of an essential signaling pathway called ubiquitination. Now he focuses on how microbes manipulate ubiquitin signaling of the host in order to subvert immune responses and promote infection. Welcome, Jonathan! 

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MMI Recognitions: Congratulations to Rosenzweig Lab! The lab has been awarded with NIH R01 funding, and Ruth Napier, Ph.D., has been awarded with the VA Career Development Award. 

Open position for an assistant professor: The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, in collaboration with the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience, invites applications at the assistant professor level to work on the basic or translational aspects of neuroimmunology. See MMI Open Positions for details.

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