About Us

Our immune system relies upon rapid and robust signaling responses to the detection of an invading pathogen. In these signaling pathways, information is relayed through post-translational modifications such as protein ubiquitination. Unfortunately for us, many pathogens have the remarkable ability to subvert host signaling responses and thus evade detection. Work in our lab focuses on the mechanisms by which pathogens manipulate the host ubiquitin signaling response. We use biochemical and structural biology techniques to understand the molecular details of these host-pathogen interactions, with the goal of learning more about the requirements for infection and immunity.


The Pruneda Lab stands in solidarity with the Black community in mourning the death of George Floyd and so many others. We aim to challenge systemic racism and injustice. We are committed to being allies and providing a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all. We are proud of OHSU for taking a stance on structural racism, and of our community members for being torchbearers on this issue.

Ways that we can all take action are:

  1. Continually educate yourself and others on institutional racism.
  2. Support organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association for Advancement of Colored People, and Black Lives Matter.
  3. Call out racism and other forms of discrimination when they are observed.
Pruneda Lab researchers stand outside in front of an Oregon Health & Science University sign, behind bushes trimmed to spell, "OHSU."
Pruneda Lab