Oscar Miranda-Dominguez

Research Assistant Professor


B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering, IPN (Mexico), 2000
M.Sc. Control Engineering and Automation, Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico), 2001
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2012

Research Areas

Brain imaging

Research Interest

Brain imaging, neural engineering, mathematical modeling, and control of physiological systems.


Miranda-Dominguez, O., Mills, B. D., Grayson, D., Woodall, A., Grant, K. A., Kroenke, C. D., & Fair, D. A. (2014). Bridging the Gap between the Human and Macaque Connectome: A Quantitative Comparison of Global Interspecies Structure-Function Relationships and Network Topology. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(16), 5552–5563. 

Miranda-Dominguez, O., & Netoff, T. I. (2013). Parameterized Phase Response Curves for characterizing neuronal behaviors under transient conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology, (January), 2306–2316. doi:10.1152/jn.00942.2012 

Miranda-Domínguez, O., Gonia, J., & Netoff, T. I. (2010). Firing rate control of a neuron using a linear proportional-integral controller. Journal of Neural Engineering, 7(6), 066004. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/7/6/066004

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