Program history

In 2006 Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) came together to create a program called the Oregon Medical Physics Program (OMPP). The motivation behind this collaborative degree emerged from a desire to utilize innovative local experts in radiation physics at OSU as well as medical professionals at OHSU.

The OMPP is the only  CAMPEP-accredited program in the Northwest. Since being accredited with CAMPEP in 2011, the OMPP program has expanded from radiation oncology physics to include a graduate track in diagnostic imaging physics. Also, in an effort to increase the time students spend in a clinical setting, the students now matriculate directly to OHSU; the state's only academic health center.

Oregon Medical Physics program's goal

The OMPP has one over-arching goal:

To provide education, clinic-based training, and experience to our medical physics students in order to prepare them for success in their future careers.