Molecular Genetics Service

Resources and recommendations

The facility is fully equipped with tools for standard molecular genetics service, including PCR machines, centrifuges, and apparatuses for gel electrophoreses etc. Depended on a capacity TMM can perform standard molecular genetics service such as genomic and plasmid DNA purification. Additionally, we can amplify the fragments of your genes of interest, isolate PCR products and sequence them in collaboration with the DNA Services Core. We also have an inventory of PCR primers for the standard transgenic and reporter genes such as neomycin phosphotransferase, thymidine kinase beta- galactosidase, green fluorescent protein and others. Moreover, TMM can design PCR primers for your newly produced animals. To facilitate confirmation of genetic transmission of transgenes we can tag, collect tail samples, extract DNA and genotype your mice by PCR. Additional services are possible in collaboration with the TMM.

Service ordering

Contact the TMM director and provide the following materials: 

  1. Your construct.
  2. A map and sequence of the plasmid.

Service fees

Contact the TMM director for individual service fees.