Activate a Telemedicine Consultation

Activating a consultation through the OHSU Telemedicine Network is fast and easy. First, ask your hospital radiology department to send any X-Ray, CT or other relevant images to OHSU as soon as possible.

Then call the OHSU Transfer Center at 503 494-7000 or 800 648-6478 and request a telemedicine consultation. Our staff will guide you through the other steps that include:

  1. A transfer center staff member will stay on the line and page the consulting OHSU telemedicine physician.
  2. While waiting to make the doctor-to-doctor connection, the transfer center will ask for the patient's name, date of birth, gender, key medical complaints and whether the complaint is the result of an accident or trauma.
  3. Once connected by telephone, the OHSU physician and your physician will decide if a telemedicine session should be initiated.
  4. Roll the RP-Lite to the patient's bedside. (Please note: There is no need to turn on the RP-Lite. It is always ready.) The OHSU consulting physician will activate the session.
  5. Ask the patient or a family member to review and sign the OHSU telemedicine consent and OHSU terms and conditions forms.

Please Note: The OHSU Transfer Center can facilitate an inter-hospital transfer or dispatch the PANDA Team at any time during the consult.

Remember: If imaging is required for the consult, please ask your hospital radiology department to send the image to OHSU as soon as possible.

Wayne Clark M.D. face on RP Lite