About us

Our research interests are broad and encompass animal welfare, infectious disease, immunity, inflammation, surgery, imaging, and translational science.  We are currently working on models of HIV/AIDS, TB, Zika, Hep B, YFV, Dengue, Malaria, Mayaro, Gamma Herpes Viruses, CMV, obesity, colitis, cardiac imaging, and many more.  We have developed and optimized a wide array of macaque models, including the ability to perform comprehensive sampling of lymphoid organs (lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow) throughout the body, liver, mucosal sites (GI, vaginal, oral), etc. all in minimally invasive ways that optimize animal welfare, can be done repeatedly throughout the course of a study and don’t require antibiotics or anti-inflammatories that could impact the model.  We do imaging as well and can use imaging to target sites to sample local events.  We also have other specialized techniques and models, such as colitis with extensive colonoscopy examinations, GI pathogen free macaques for improving models of HIV and colitis, and MRSA free macaque models for highly immunosuppressed models, that optimize animal welfare and experimental outcomes. 


Colonoscopy image of a healthy colon. Fluobeam image demonstrating the use of fluorescence imaging for lymph node identification.