Former Residents

2021 Graduates

Vicky Chen, M.D., Multiple Sclerosis/Neuroimmunology Fellowship at OHSU

Michelle Cohen, M.D., Epilepsy Fellowship at OHSU

Parker Miller, M.D., Vascular Neurology Fellowship at OHSU

Samantha Allen, M.D., Epilepsy Fellowship at University of California San Francisco

Amin Rabiei, M.D., Vascular Neurology Fellowship at University of California Irvine

2020 Graduates

Brett Lee, M.D.,  Epilepsy fellowship at OHSU

Orly Moshe-Lilie, M.D., Neuromuscular fellowship at OHSU 

Chris Wilkins, M.D., Vascular Neurology fellowship at SUNY Downstate

Sujani Bandela, M.D., Vascular Neurology fellowship at UT San Antonio  

2019 Graduates

Victor Tseng, M.D., Community Practice Vancouver Clinic (headache and general neuro)

Annie Chiu, M.D., NSICU fellowship at  OHSU

Elizabeth Sun, M.D., NSICU fellowship at Mass Gen

Shereen Seyal, M.D., Stroke fellowship at OHSU

2018 Graduates

Tracy Bazan, M.D., Neuromuscular Medicine at OHSU

Kathryn Hagen, M.D., Epilepsy at OHSU

Pippa Macdonald, M.D., Neuromuscular Medicine at OHSU

Scott Rewinkel, M.D., Vascular Neurology at OHSU

Jessica Rice, M.D., Multiple Sclerosis at OHSU

2017 Graduates

Jill Kaspar Baird, M.D., Movement Disorders at OHSU

Madeline Nguyen, M.D., Neurocritical Care at OHSU

Kimmy Su, M.D., Movement Disorders at University of Washington

Stewart Weber, M.D., Vascular Neurology at OHSU

2016 Graduates

Bryan Pham, M.D., Neuro-Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College

Tammy Pham, M.D., Movement Disorders at UCLA

Faheem Sheriff, M.D., Neurocritical Care at MGH/BWH/Harvard Medical School - 

Micki Stacey, M.D., Neuromuscular Medicine at OHSU

2015 Graduates

Tyler Clark, M.D., Movements Disorders at OHSU and PVAMC

Meredith Frederick, M.D., Multiple Sclerosis at Portland VA Medical Center and OHSU

Marissa Kellogg, M.D., M.P.H., Epilepsy at Stanford Medical Center

Mara Seier, M.D., Movements Disorders at OHSU & PVAMC 

2014 Graduates

Ghadah Altowaijri, M.B.B.S., Multiple Sclerosis at Johns Hopkins University

Noah Beadell, M.D., Vascular Neurology at OHSU

Derek Clark, M.D., Neurocritical Care at OHSU

Billy Gao, M.D., Neurocritical Care at California Pacific Medical Center

Keiran Tuck, M.B.B.S., Movements Disorders at OHSU & PVAMC

2013 Graduates

Kory Herrick, Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care at OHSU

Conrad Liang, Interventional Neuroradiology at UCLA

Justin Meuse, Clinical Neurophysiology at OHSU

Courtney Takahashi, Neurocritical Care at OHSU 

2012 Graduates

Haz Jafari, Neuromuscular Medicine at OHSU

Joanna O’Leary, Movements Disorders at OHSU & PVAMC

Andrew Rontal, Vascular Neurology at OHSU

Jennie Savage, Clinical Neurophysiology at University of Virginia

2011 Graduates

Emma Burbank, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at University of Utah

Crystal Fo, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at UC San Diego

Hillary Lowenstein, Sleep Fellowship at University of Michigan 

2010 Graduates

Eve Klein, Pain fellowship at OHSU

Alexander Landfield, Private Practice, Abilene, Texas

Logan McDaneld, Vascular Neurology fellowship at OHSU

2009 Graduates

Eric Edgar, Neuromuscular fellowship at OHSU

Lissa Brod, Movement Disorders fellowship at OHSU

Andy Solomon, Multiple Sclerosis fellowship at OHSU 

2008 Graduates

Michelle Cameron, Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship with the OHSU MS Center of Excellence October 2008

Eran Klein, Neuro-Ethics Fellowship at Hopkins September 2008

Kurt Lindsay, Vascular Neurology Fellowship with the OHSU Stroke Center August 2008

2007 Graduates

Jason Aldred, Movement Disorder's Fellowship with the OHSU Parkinson's Center July 2007

William Hills, Neur-Ophthalmology Fellowship at University of Utah July 2007.

Jeffrey Tam Sing, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship at University of Colorado 2007 

2006 Graduates

Jeffrey Wagner, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, at the University of Utah.

Franklin Ellenson, Private practice in Medford, Oregon.

Morad Daniel, Special Fellow Fellowship, at the Portland VAMC.

2005 Graduates

Cena Abendroth, Clinical Neurophysiology/Geriatric Neurology Fellowship, OHSU/VAMC

Josh Ramsayer, Sleep Medicine Fellowship, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN 

2004 Graduates

Felicia Ferguson, Aging and Dementia, Epilepsy Fellowships, OHSU/VAMC

Lisa Grant, General Neurology Faculty, Portland VA medical center, Practice, Hood River OR

Larry Neville, Neuromuscular fellowship, OHSU; private practice in Longview, WA with part-time faculty practice in Neuromuscular at OHSU

Kyle Smoot, Neurology Staff at Group Health in Tacoma, WA

2003 Graduates

Deniz Erten-Lyons, Geriatric Neurology Fellowship, VAMC/OHSU (2003-200x)Neurology Faculty at OHSU with a dual appointment at the Portland VAMC (2006).  VA Career Development Awardee (2006)

Joshua Johnson, Neuromuscular Fellowship, OHSU; Private Practice in Portland, OR

David Wilkinson, Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic; Private Practice in Portland, OR 

2002 Graduates

Kathy Chung, Movement disorders Fellowship OHSU/VA and Faculty OHSU; VA Career Development Award in Parkinson's Disease

Todd Dunaway, Neuromuscular Fellowship, OHSU; Private Practice Oklahoma

2001 Graduates

Zaheer Ahmed, Private Practice in Indiana

Dan Friedman, Clinical Neurophysiology/Geriatric Neurology Fellowship, OHSU/VAMC; Private Practice in Hillsboro, OR; part-time practice in Sleep Medicine at OHSU 

2000 Graduates

Eilis Boudreau, Epilepsy Fellowship, NIH; Medical Informatics Fellowship, PVAMC

Sydney Piercey, Private Practice in Corvallis, OR

Vijayshree Yadav, MS fellowship VAMC/OHSU Faculty OHSU; NIH K23 Career Development Award