Applicant Information and Resources

Virtual interviews

For the fall 2022–2023 interview season, our program will be conducting all of our interviews virtually.

How to apply

Applications will be accepted only through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) from September 15 to October 1. All positions will be filled through the National Residency matching program (NRMP). Traditionally, all of our positions fill and we do not have available positions post-Match.

As of the current 2021–2022 MATCH, OHSU neurology is officially a categorical program. If you rank and successfully match at OHSU for your residency, all of your PGY1 through PGY4 years of training are guaranteed at our training site. NOTE: As recent as academic year 2020–2021, we were listed in ERAS as an advanced program, with a guaranteed PGY-1 year that made us similar to a categorical program in practice. In order to simplify our application process and future planning, we are now listed as a fully categorical program.

Required applicant information

The application materials we require are as follows:

  • MyERAS Application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement
  • Medical School Transcript
  • MSPE
  • USMLE/COMLEX Transcript
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Photo
  • ECFMG Status Report

International medical graduate applicants must be ECFMG certified by the NRMP ranking deadline (February) to be considered. Current international medical students must be certified by June in the year they graduate. We require clinical experience in the U.S. or in a health care system similar to the U.S. and have graduated from medical school in the last two years. Please note that we do not count externships, observerships, or research work as clinical experience.

Virtual interviews

For the fall 2021–2022 interview season, our program will be conducting all of our interviews virtually.

Interview dates

The OHSU Neurology Residency Program offers interviews on most Mondays and Fridays beginning mid-November through the first week of January. We invite qualified applicants starting in mid-October on an ongoing basis. Interview days may be more limited over select Fall and Winter holiday dates.

Interview schedule

Prospective applicants meet with the Residency Program Director (Edward Kim), Associate Program Director (Lia Ernst) and/or Assistant Program Director (Matthew McCaskill), Department Chair (Helmi Lutsep) or another select Department Faculty Leader (Joseph Quinn, Jacqueline Bernard, or David Spencer), and one additional key neurology faculty member. Residents host a luncheon and an individual campus tour as part of your interview day. Breaks are built into the schedule.

Resident Meet & Greet

We believe that our residents are the very best part of our program, and they can best present who we are and what we offer at OHSU.  Our goal has always been to maximize direct interactions with our house staff so that each candidate can learn directly from the residents about our program and our city. Traditionally, our residents would host an informal dinner the evening before your interview date. On a traditional interview day, our residents would host a luncheon and then individually provide each candidate with a one-on-one personalized tour of the hospital.

For our 2022–2023 virtual interview days, we are making every effort to make sure that important time with our residents is preserved. On the virtual interview day, a representative group of our PGY1-4 residents will join all of the candidates for an informal luncheon. It is a perfect opportunity for introductions and general Q+A. In place of our traditional personalized tours through the hospital, each candidate will still be scheduled for one-on-one time to chat with one of our residents. The one-on-time is an ideal time for more individualized questions and discussion. Note: The one-on-one time with our residents is not a formal interview. It is NOT associated with any evaluation of you as a candidate.  It is another informal opportunity for you to learn more about our program and life in Portland.

Applying for residency in the neurology program: FAQ


    • How many interviews/positions do you offer?
      We interview 10–12 applicants for every one position offered
    • How many vacant positions do you have?
      We offer five positions each year through the match

    USMLE/COMLEX scores

    • Is there a USMLE cut-off score to apply to your program?
      There is no strict cut-off.
    • How many attempts are allowed to pass USMLE?
      Special circumstances are considered, and we are committed to evaluating each candidate’s application in full when making any decisions.
    • Do you have a minimum USMLE score?
      We have no minimum score requirement.
    • Do I have to have Step 2 of USMLE complete before applying?
      Not for the application process, but it is required as part of appointment.
    • What are the requirements for USMLE Step 3?
      We require USMLE Step 3 to be taken by the end of PGY-1 year.
    • Do you accept COMLEX scores for D.O. candidates?
      We do accept COMLEX scores
    • Are D.O. candidates required to submit USMLE scores?
      No, we accept COMLEX scores in lieu of USMLE for D.O. candidates.
    • Do you have a minimum COMLEX score requirement?
      There is no strict cut-off.

    International medical graduates

    • Do you accept IMGs into your program?
      Yes, we accept IMGs into our program.
    • How many IMGs are in your program currently?
      Currently, we do not have an IMG in our program. Our most recent IMG completed training in 2021. We have graduated five IMGs in the last 10 years.
    • How long since graduation do you accept medical students into your residency program?
      There is no strict cut-off, however we strongly prefer that you have graduated within 5 years from medical school.
    • Is US clinical experience an essential requirement for application to your residency program?
      We prefer candidates with some US clinical experience. Documentation should be self-reported as part of the ERAS application.
    • What types of visas do you offer?
      The most common visas we sponsor are J1 and H1B. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens must be legally able to work in the U.S. or eligible to obtain authorization to work. Requests for information or visa applications should be made to the GME office. Contact OHSU's GME office
    • Do I have to be fully ECFMG certified before applying?
      Not for application process, but required as part of appointment.