Pre-Health Pathways

OHSU Wy'East Post-Baccalaureate program
OHSU Wy'East Post-Baccalaureate program provides a pathway for American Indian and Alaska Native to become physicians.

Our commitment to the future

We believe that creating pathways for diverse learners to pursue careers in medicine moves us closer to a future in which our community of health care providers mirrors the diversity of our patients. 

We support learners by creating a culture of respect, by recruiting students from diverse backgrounds and by providing support, spaces and programs to increase student's access to and continuation in medical education. 

Prospective Student Opportunities

Pathways and opportunities for diverse prospective students and residents include: 

  • Events: Mini Med School and "So, You Want to be a Physician," and Center for Diversity and Inclusion Student Meet and Greet
  • Second Look campus visits program
  • Wy’East Post-Baccalaureate Pathway, OHSU Neuroscience Post-Baccalaureate Training Program 

Events for prospective students

The SOM offers a four-hour introduction to the MD Program. It includes an overview of the medical school admissions process and curriculum and an overview of diversity resources available.  A medical student panel discussion and Q&A session, along with a tour of the student facilities and campus are offered three times a year.  The capacity for each course is 130 students.   

Prospective OHSU students (graduate, medical, physician assistant, dental, nursing, etc.,) are invited to meet with the Center for Diversity & Inclusion staff and OHSU students.  Students meet with diverse students, staff, and faculty to learn about resources and opportunities at OHSU.  All OHSU students and graduate students are invited to participate.

The mini med school inspires high school students to consider opportunities in science and medicine through hands-on activities and conversations with SOM medical students, graduate students and faculty. The SOM Mini Medical School is an annual event in which high school and college students from underrepresented-in-medicine backgrounds are invited to learn about requirements and participate in activities related to different fields in medicine.

Pathways to careers in medicine

Wy’east is the traditional Multnomah name for Mount Hood, a prominent feature of the Columbia River region. The Wy’east Post-Baccalaureate Pathway is a cornerstone of the Center to develop AI/AN physicians. Wy’East Post-Baccalaureate Pathway prepares American Indian and Alaska Native students to excel as medical students and physicians.

There are three major components to the pathway:

  • Academic preparation for medical school
  • Professional training for the rigor of medical school
  • Culturally-relevant experiential learning

The OHSU Neuroscience Post-Baccalaureate Training Program seeks to attract a diverse research trainee pool. The program provides a sustained research experience and skills development for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Scholars accepted as part of this competitive training opportunity will receive a mentored research experience as well as tailored support around academic and professional development. 

Second Look programs

School of Medicine “Second Look” programs invite URM recruits to OHSU to visit our campus before making a final decision about where to train or go to school. Candidates meet leaders and peers and learn more about our clinical education and GME (residency) programs. Our residency programs are a significant pipeline for faculty recruitment at OHSU, making the Second Look programs part of a “grow your own” approach. More about GME second look efforts.

The UME Second Look program is coordinated by SOM admissions staff for the MD program in conjunction with the Center for Women’s Health and the SOM Diversity Student Interest Groups and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.  

Featured Resource: Health Justice Co-op space

student co-op

The Health Justice Co-op provides a safe space for students from marginalized communities, designed to foster collaborations that will advance justice in health care and education. The HJC was developed by students of color and of the LGBTQ community and faculty out of a clear response to students' experiences of racism and marginalization on campus and a need for a place designed to support community and collaboration. It is open daily to all OHSU learners

This space represents the future of health sciences that we are collectively shaping, one where we redefine the margins, where we draw strength from our cultures, where we see our power reflected in each other and where we carry on the work of those who planted these seeds of change. Gather and get connected here, study here, borrow from the health justice library, learn and unlearn in this space and know that we all got you.

Location: Robertson Life Sciences Building 4A005
Contacts: Alley Dyer and Chris Graulty