Wy'east Post Baccalaureate Pathway

Wy'east Pathway

Wy’east is the traditional Multnomah name for Mount Hood, a prominent feature of the Columbia River region. The Wy’east post-bac pathway is a cornerstone of the Center to develop AI/AN physicians.

There are three major components to the pathway:

  • academic preparation for medical school
  • professional preparation for the rigor of medical school
  • culturally-relevant experiential learning

Wy’east will provide conditional acceptance into the OHSU School of Medicine for students who successfully complete all aspects of the pathway, meet academic standards, and demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of the experience. The Wy’east pathway will admit approximately 10 students each year who will progress through the year as a cohort. See the application page for further information and to apply.

MCAT preparation course:

As part of the pathway, these sessions will be conducted once a year and will be taught by an educator with demonstrated proficiency in science and teaching methods. Students will be allowed to enroll more than once if necessary.

Wy'east (Mt. Hood)