CPD Awards

CPD Distinguished Educator award coins

The CME Distinguished Lecturer Award is given to two OHSU faculty members annually, who are recognized for their outstanding service to continuing medical education, have demonstrated excellence in CME teaching and have provided service to the OHSU Division of Continuing Professional Development through one or more of the following:

  • Project development
  • Curriculum planning
  • Service on Continuing Professional Development committee
  • Faculty development
  • Serving as faculty at Continuing Professional Development-sponsored programs

The awards have been given annually since 2007. The following have been honored in the past:

2022          Johanna Warren, M.D. and Scott Yang, M.D.

2021           Katherine Drago, M.D. and James Clements, M.D.

2020           Emily Morgan, M.D. and Hans Carlson, M.D.

2019           Erin Bonura, M.D. and Holger Link, M.D.

2018           Jessica Castle, M.D. and Benjamin Hoffman, M.D.

2017           David Mansoor, M.D. and Craig Williams, Pharm.D.

2016           Elizabeth Bower, M.D., M.P.H. and James Chesnutt, M.D.

2015           Nels Carlson, M.D. and Cynthia Ferrell, M.D., M.S.Ed.

2014           Alan Hunter, M.D. and Atif Zaman, M.D., M.P.H.

2013           Michelle Berlin, M.D., M.P.H. and Scott Mader, M.D.

2012           Y Pritham Raj, M.D., FACP and Ali Olyaei, Pharm.D., BCPS

2011           Susan Grauer, M.D. and Mark O'Hollaren, M.D.

2010           Sharon Anderson, M.D. and Robert Taylor, M.D.

2009           Greg Larsen, M.D. and Matthew Riddle, M.D.

2008           John McAnulty, M.D. and Fran Storrs, M.D.

2007           Stephen Campbell, M.D. and Thomas DeLoughery, M.D.

The Continuing Professional Development Educator Awards are recognize the contributions of OHSU faculty to the continuing education of health professionals. The dedicated efforts of OHSU CME Educators, Honored Educators and Distinguished Educators are vital to the success of OHSU's Continuing Medical Education program.

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Presented to activity coordinators who have made outstanding contributions to OHSU’s CME mission.

2022: Kirstin Moreno, Ph.D., Education Improvement and Innovation and Laura Potter, Rural Health

2021: Robin Sasaoka, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Adrien Mills, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

2020: Miriam Wolf, B.S., Oregon Rural Practice Research Network and Kristin Bittorf, Hillsboro Medical Center Graduate Medical Education

2019: Leslie Lesner, Casey Eye Institute and Molly Willis, Center for Ethics

Presented to activity planners who have made exceptional contributions to the planning of OHSU CME activities.

2022: Linda Schmidt, M.D., Child Psychiatry

 2021:   David Mansoor, M.D., Psychiatry

2020: Steve Wahls, M.D., Family Medicine

2019: Kara Connelly, M.D., Pediatric Endocrinology and Emily Morgan, M.D., Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

The OHSU Continuing Professional Development Clinical Star awards are given to those with exemplary patient experience scores in the top quartile of all OHSU providers. The recipients' patient care epitomizes OHSU’s core values of quality and service excellence. 

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Portland Monthly Magazine's Top Doctors are identified by their peers in response to the question: “To whom would you trust with the care of a loved one?” By being recognized as a Top Doc, these clinicians represent the top 5% of all providers that were voted for.  OHSU Continuing Professional Development would like to acknowledge those OHSU providers who have not only been recognized for this distinction once, but repeatedly.

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These awards recognizes specific projects that have made a difference at OHSU.

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Presented to a program that furthers faculty development in research, especially those that incorporate mentorship.

2019: Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., on behalf of the Junior Faculty Advancement Program

Awarded to a program that utilizes innovative methods to further faculty development in research.

2019: Cindy Morris, Ph.D., M.P.H., on behalf of Design Studio

Sakai Outstanding Course Design Award

Awarded for teaching with technology in a course that engages and enhances the student learning experience.

2019: Erin Bonura, M.D.

Sakai Torchbearer Award

Presented for using innovations to improve and transform the learning experience by pushing use of technology in a course.

2019: Alexander Kain, Ph.D.