Refer a Patient to OHSU: FAQ

An OHSU provider poses and smiles in the OHSU Skourtes Tower building.

We look forward to partnering with you to give your patient the best care possible at OHSU, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital or Hillsboro Medical Center.

Yes. As of Jan. 17, 2023, OHSU and Hillsboro Medical Center are accepting electronic referrals, or eReferrals, because:

  • They’re faster and more reliable than fax referrals.
  • They go directly into our electronic medical records system, Epic.
  • They speed up referral creation in Epic.
  • They reduce record requests to your office.

You don’t need to be on Epic to use eReferrals. If your system lets you send eReferrals, we can receive them.

We suggest using eReferrals if you are referring:

  • To OHSU or Hillsboro Medical Center


  • For outpatient (ambulatory) services
  • Note: eReferrals are not available for diagnostic and procedural orders, such as for imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray), colonoscopies and EMG. Those orders must still be faxed to 503-346-6854.

Please put “referral” in your eReferral’s subject line.

Do not send both an eReferral and a fax referral. Using both methods may slow your referral.

You can check on your referral by logging in to OHSU Connect. Then:

  • Select your patient’s name
  • Go to the “Referrals” tab
  • Click on “Chart Review”
  • Open the referral. You should see activity so far, such as medical review of the referral or a message left for the patient.

If you don’t see your referral or need help: Call 503-494-4567 and choose option 4.

If you need an OHSU Connect account: Visit

For yourself: Register at OHSU Connect.

For multiple people in your practice or hospital: Contact our Provider Relations Team

Visit our Billing and Insurance page for information on using insurance at OHSU.

Contact a manager on our Provider Relations Team

  • Cancer, cardiovascular health, general surgery: Gabriel Flores, 503-494-2212
  • Orthopaedics and rehabilitation, neurosciences, spine and trauma: Dina Girgenti-Iida, 503-494-6535
  • Pediatrics (Doernbecher Children’s Hospital), women's health: Lana Stuart, 503-418-3759

If you need help with something else, email

Ask to speak with the relevant clinic: Call 503-494-4567 and choose option 3.

Fax the following information to 503-346-6854 or send it in an electronic referral:

  • Any records that support your referral diagnosis
  • A referral form or notes that include:
    • Patient name, date of birth, sex, address and phone number   
    • Referring provider’s name, address and phone number            
    • Diagnosis or reason for referral
    • Department you are referring to
    • Most recent chart notes supporting the diagnosis or reason for referral