Program Administrators

Letisha Wyatt

Letisha Wyatt, Ph.D. is the Co-Director of the OHSU Fellowship for Diversity in Research, an Assistant Professor of Neurology, and the Director of Diversity in Research in the OHSU Research and Innovation Office. She currently oversees the development and implementation of training programs for scientists from historically minoritized and underserved backgrounds. She is a former bench neuropharmacologist with a strong record of mentorship in the laboratory and classroom. Dr. Wyatt has also served as faculty in the OHSU Library and the Center for Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR), working together with researchers to support open science practices and data stewardship needs. Read more about Letisha’s role on her personal website and view her work on ORCID

Picture of Angela Ozburn, Ph.D.

Angela Ozburn, Ph.D., is a Native American neuroscientist and the Co-Director of the OHSU Fellowship for Diversity in Research. As a first generation college student, she found support in structured mentoring and research experiences that were pivotal for advancement in her academic research career. She now dedicates a significant portion of her time to training underrepresented individuals to become the next generation of scientists and physicians. Dr. Ozburn earned a PhD in Neuroscience (2009) from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Ozburn is a member of the NIH-funded Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism-Neuroimmune Consortium, where her lab collaborates with others in the consortium to use novel approaches in bioinformatics to identify and test therapeutic compounds that oppose drug-induced molecular signatures. Her VA-funded project focuses on identifying the brain circuitry and neural substrates involved in binge-like alcohol drinking. Visit Dr. Ozburn’s website to learn more about her research. 

Karen Bromley Headshot OFDIR

Karen Bromley is the Program Administrator of OFDIR and IRACDA at OHSU. She is a second-generation Filipina American with over 20 years of experience as a non-profit and education administrator in the areas of fund development, program management, and communication. After receiving her BA in English at the University of San Francisco, Karen went on to support organizations that advocated for the arts, education, and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. She deepened her understanding of AAPI issues as a graduate student in San Francisco State University’s Asian American Studies program, which strengthened her dedication to community-building and multicultural advancement. She is an active volunteer at her children’s elementary school in the Hillsboro School District, where she particularly loves supporting the amazing neurodiverse students in the classroom.

Picture of Angelica Dominguez

Angelica (an-jeh-luh-kuh) Dominguez was born in in Mexico and grew up in Los Angeles, California before moving to Portland, Oregon at the age of 12. She now resides in Eugene, OR with her partner and 2 cats. She loves the Pacific Northwest and all the outdoors has to offer. Angelica has been with OHSU for the last 9 years. She serves as the Administrative Coordinator for various departments within the Research umbrella. She loves being able to help others, it’s a career path that she finds to be very rewarding.

Katherine Lehmann Headshot Resized 3

Katherine (Katy) Lehmann, Ph.D. is a postdoctoral scholar who splits her professional/training time between the OFDIR and IRACDA programs and basic neuroscience research at the Vollum Institute in the Freeman Lab. She has long been interested in how systems of oppression intersect with scientific research training, and she is grateful for the opportunity to work at the intersection of these topics. In addition to her work at the bench, Katy has pursued various teaching and mentoring opportunities, including designing and teaching an introductory biology course at Lewis & Clark College and co-designing a grant writing workshop for first-year graduate students.

Founders and Funder

Dr. Damien Fair, co-founder of OFDIR

Co-Founder: Damien Fair, PA-C, PhD

Dr. Fair is the Co-Director of the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MiDB) at the University of Minnesota.  He obtained his BA from Augustana College and his PhD in Neuroscience from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis under the primary guidance of Dr. Bradley Schlaggar and Dr. Steven Petersen. Dr. Fair completed postdoctoral training at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) with Dr. Joel Nigg and Dr. Bonnie Nagel. He spent over 10 years at OHSU as a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts as well as the principal investigator of the Developmental Cognition and Neuroimaging (DCAN) Labs. He co-founded OFDIR in 2014 along with Dr. Marguerite Matthews and now serves OFDIR as an external advisory committee member. 

Dr. Marguerite Matthews, co-founder of OFDIR
Co-Founder: Marguerite Matthews, PhD
Dr. Matthews is a health program specialist in the Office of Programs to Enhance Neuroscience Workforce Diversity at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). As a program specialist, Dr. Matthews supports NINDS diversity initiatives and programs that provide neuroscience research training and career development for underrepresented students and early career investigators. Dr. Matthews received her BS in biochemistry from Spelman College and her PhD in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh under the mentorship of Dr. Bita Moghaddam. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in the lab of Dr. Damien Fair at the Oregon Health & Science University, where she also served as program director for the Youth Engaged in Science (YES!) outreach initiative co-founded the OHSU Fellowship for Diversity in Research Program with Dr. Damien Fair. 
Dr. Peter Barr-Gillespie, funder of OFDIR

Funder: Peter Barr-Gillespie, Ph.D.  
Dr. Barr-Gillespie is the Chief Research Officer at OHSU and leads the Research and Innovation office. His office funds the OHSU Fellowship for Diversity in Research. Peter advocates for racial justice and equity within OHSU and was formerly an advisory committee member.