Mindfulness Breath by Breath Class ~ 11am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Group class for mindfulness

Breath by Breath is an ongoing drop-in class inspired by the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. This free class is tailored to support patients, caregivers and staff as they pursue well-being in the OHSU healthcare environment. During each class, a trained instructor guides participants in mindfulness meditation, various breathing practices, gentle mindful movement, and group discussions. Classes are 60 minutes and are offered at various times at OHSU. Patients, caregivers and staff are free to come to whichever class suits their needs

Class comments

"I entered my first Breath-by-Breath mindfulness session skeptical. My cardiologist, recognizing anxiety in my frequent night-time calls, suggested I might find these drop-in sessions helpful. I had sworn off meditation back in the 70s. Now that I was almost 70, I chose to give it a try. Now, just short of two years later, I use mindfulness skills daily to help find calm. I approach difficult situations with greater presence of mind and inquisitiveness. I continue to gain deeper understanding of myself and the outer world. I am more integrated as a person, yet still curious about this life I live moment-to-moment. I am buoyed by my practice and will continue to build on it through OHSU’s Breath-by-Breath classes as well as in other settings. I was surprised at first by the insights I found in this process; now I am thrilled that I found it." - Peter Thacker

"Breath by Breath classes are the highlight of my week! I have gained valuable tools, practices and insights that I am able to use in my daily life. Learning to be present in my body, in the moment, has helped me considerably as I deal with chronic health issues. I find that these simple practices are a key component to my overall health and healing." - Katy Wahlstrom  

"At first, I was skeptical that simple breathing techniques could change my anxiety levels. Attending bi-monthly classes for an hour proved to me that by following the breathing techniques taught in class, my anxiety episodes could decrease. OHSU has been very proactive in offering this class at no cost so that that anyone can get this valuable alternative to handling their anxiety or stress." - Harvey Parolari

Support for Breath by Breath

The Breath by Breath program is made possible by the generous support of OHSU departments and individual donors. Special thanks goes to these individual donors and to the following OHSU departments that have generously supported the program:

  • Patient and Family Services, Knight Cancer Institute
  • Comprehensive Pain Center
  • Center for Women's Health
  • General Internal Medicine
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation