Specimen Collection Information

Lab-provided phlebotomy services

Inpatient phlebotomy services

Outpatient phlebotomy services

Specimen labeling requirements


Clean catch-random

24 hour collection instructions

All other specimens - see individual test information

Obtaining supplies for specimen collection

Please refer to the specimen collection container table for  a detailed supply list. Most laboratory supplies can be ordered through the OHSU Logistics website. All other laboratory supplies have a corresponding contact number listed in the table.

Urgent testing policies

Core lab test schedule

Available as extreme emergency with in-lab turnaround time (TAT) of 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Blood Gases, Ionized Calcium, Whole Blood glucose, Whole Blood Na, K, Whole Blood Hemoglobin, Prothrombin Time, PT (INR).

Urgent, 24 hours/7 days, with in-lab TAT of 60 minutes.

  • All other hematology, coagulation, chemistry tests.

Urgent, 24 hours/7 days, with in-lab TAT of 60 minutes, with verbal request. Call 503 494-7383

  • All urine chemistries, lithium.

All other testing performed on a routine basis or as listed in specific test information in the Test Directory.

Test ordering

Results and reporting

Billing information