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What our employees say

"I am incredibly proud to be working for OHSU, and ITG is a great fit for my skills, where I feel that I can make a difference for the people in ITG, while supporting a great mission."

"I enjoy the general attitude of people: we all want to make a positive difference in our work experiences and those of our customers. I am in awe of the amount of work that is accomplished across so many areas in ITG. It really is staggering when you look at the 'big picture.' "

"We [my team] seem to be operating in a space that is very much ahead of the curve, which I find very challenging and exciting. I think in large part this has to do with our senior leadership and other key stakeholders."

"I enjoy working in such a strong team environment; I enjoy working in a place where humor and productivity are not mutually exclusive; I enjoy working in a place where a crisis is handled calmly; I enjoy having a flexible schedule; and, I enjoy working where my boss recognizes that her employees are human and have a life outside of ITG."

Our culture

From fun runs to group volunteer opportunities, and from departmental outings to annual staff recognition events, ITG cultivates a thriving employee culture.

Innovation Day

In 2012, ITG began an annual contest dubbed “Innovation Day.” Like popular ShipIt Days, ITG’s Innovation Day gives our staff a 24-hour cycle to come up with products, tools, and services to improve both ITG and the larger OHSU community. These resulting projects are presented to ITG staff, awarded prizes, and considered for production.

Holiday family

Each year, ITG organizes an annual holiday drive to assist children and families in our community. For 2012, ITG raised over $5,000 in donations, toys, and clothing for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Child Life Program and Portland Bridge Meadows.

A photo during ITG's annual potluck


ITG participates in Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) a state-wide organization that supports Oregon school children with:

  • Robotics and video game creation training
  • Technology resources for schools
  • Materials e-waste recycling program

StRUT is a preferred partner of ITG to ensure each hard drive that departs OHSU is securely wiped, and that all computer equipment is properly recycled. OHSU also depends on StRUT to pick up equipment quickly and prevent a buildup of surplus equipment on the main campus where space is a premium.

    Did you know?

    • The majority of K-12 school districts east of the Cascade Mountains (and several school districts in the valley and coast) receive their computer equipment from StRUT.
    • OHSU accounts for 74% of StRUT's donation source. Although they receive donations from Intel, Google, and DEQ, OHSU is by far the largest in donation volume.
    A photo of students recycling used technology and OHSU ITG staff