Searching the OHSU website

Our onsite search includes recommended results and documents along with our webpages. Although our search does a pretty good job of finding content based on what you type, here are some ideas if you're not finding what you're looking for.

Be more specific

Use more than one word to be more specific with your search. If you use only one word, like "email" or "policy" in your search, you’ll get a larger number of generic results. Instead, try adding a little more description, like "facilities logistics email" or "patient care policy."

The search results page with a list of results for the search brain injury treatment and the Traumatics Brain Injury page as the top result
The search term "brain injury treatment" is a more specific search than "brain injury" and gets fewer results. This makes it easier to find a relevant page.

Try similar words

It may be that what you are looking for has a different name than what you are typing. We do add synonyms to search to help with this, but sometimes language changes before we can catch up. Try using a different word that might refer to the same thing and find out if that helps.

Select a suggestion

Below the search field, suggested searches appear. Although not all of them will work for you, you might find one that helps you find what you're seeking.

Refine your search

There are options to refine your search if there are a lot of results. These options appear to the left on the search results page. This includes:


article, building, campus, clinic, etc.

Most pages are generic, but sometimes, what your looking for uses a more specific type of source format.


excel, pdf, powerpoint, word.

PDF if the most common document we have. You may not know the specific format a document is in, but it can help to refine by each type and find out what shows up.


about, education, health, outreach, etc.

We keep our content organized through topic categories. Most information for patients is under health. Most information for students is under education. Choosing one of these can also help narrow results if there are too many results to scan.

A search results page for brain injury treatment with the research topic selected to refine results down to about 50 or so total results
Selecting a refinement on the left can significanly reduce the number of results that display. You can also remove the refinement by clicking on it again.