Requesting Services

Update May 19th, 2020:

After suspending our services in response to COVID-19 preventative measures on March 23rd, 2020, the Histopathology Shared Resource (HSR) is happy to announce our core has been approved to open at a limited capacity for histology requests starting Tuesday, May 19th, 2020.

In order to continue working under restricted operations, our core will be adopting procedures that will have an impact on our services which include:

  • Limiting submissions to the core to better serve all customers.
    • As many are eagerly waiting to process projects that have been put on hold, HSR is asking researchers to review their specimen(s) and submit the most urgent ones first to the core. All non-urgent specimens that can wait for processing should remain with the researcher until notified by the core that the urgent requests have been completed.
  • Staggering shifts amongst the staff to uphold social distancing measures will cause extended turnaround times for completing requests.
    • We will do our best to complete requests in a timely matter but expect a turnaround time 2 weeks or more as we expect a surge in request submissions.
  • Appointment scheduling for incoming and outgoing specimens will be strictly followed as there will be a “no walk-in” policy in place.
    • HSR staff must confirm appointments for incoming and outgoing samples as direct access to our lab space and our staff will be restricted. Those with badge access to our lab area in RLSB may still drop off at our lab bench location but an appointment must still be made to ensure staff will be available to collect the specimens. Please contact our core at to book an appointment.
  • Once an appointment has been confirmed with staff, researchers must use the incoming and outgoing box to drop off and pick-up samples. Two incoming and outgoing specimen boxes are set up.
  • Researchers with no badge access to the HSR lab area in RLSB will use the box set-up outside Research Laboratories door by the North elevators on the 6th
  • Researchers with badge access to the HSR lab area in RLSB may come and use box set-up in lab bench 6N096 B1.

All researchers are required to submit their specimens in a secondary container such as a Ziploc bag or a box. This container must have their name and HSR Service ID (generated when submitting a request in iLab) for our staff to collect.

  • For completed requests, a researcher must set up an appointment with staff and pick-up the request by using from the incoming/outgoing box.
    • Researchers must sign the form, take a photo of the signed form and leave it in the incoming and outgoing box.
    • Researchers must email the picture of the signed form to as proof the completed request has been retrieved.
  • For any questions related to HSR operations, please email our new HSR Laboratory Manager, Kate Rice.

For more information on COVID-19 and Research Modified Operations, please review the following:

We are happy to be back serving the research community once again.

Thank you for the patience and support.

Guidelines to submitting samples

The following criteria must be met before submitting requests to the Histopathology Shared Resource:

  • If any pricing information is needed, please address it to HSR staff prior to sample submission. The Histopathology Shared Resource does not provide an estimated quote prior to performing services unless a researcher places a direct request.  Please contact the core directly if an estimated quote is required.
  • All researchers using any University Shared Resource must be registered in Agilent Crosslab/ iLab Solutions, a online software billing system. Researchers are able to place requests using the online form  and track any previous completed requests. For more information on using Agilent Crosslab/iLab Solutions, please visit Cores and Shared Resource iLab Solutions.
  • Samples must be grossed and placed in fixation by the researcher prior to submission to the core. Once fixation has been completed, samples must be transferred in 70% ethanol for delivery to our core.

Have questions? Contact Us.

Delivering samples to the histopathology shared resource

Researchers are required to schedule an appointment with our HSR staff to deliver samples (fresh, frozen or fixed) directly to our lab located in the Robertson Life Sciences Building on the 6th floor North. Once confirmation is received from one of our staff, please arrive at the designated time.