Histology Services

The Histopathology Shared Resource is equipped and staffed to provide a full array of histology services including

Tissue processing

  • Embedding Samples in either paraffin or optimal cutting temperature compound (OCT)
  • Sectioning using either microtome and cryostat to specified thickness
  • Histochemical staining such as:
    • Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E)
    • Trichrome
    • Elastin
    • Reticulin
    • Giemsa
    • Luxol fast blue
    • Iron
    • Bacterial and fungal

HSR staff is able to advise researcher of tissue preparation, preservation and handling to ensure the highest quality results.

Shared Resource Acknowledgement

Please remember to acknowledge use of the Histopathology Shared Resource  in talks, posters, and publications which include data generated in the core lab.  The use of data generated in an OHSU core facility in a grant application, progress report or publication contains the implicit understanding that the PI or authors will acknowledge the use of the OHSU core facility.