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Summit Cafe is at the confluence of Kohler Pavilion and OHSU and boasts a comfy lounge style seating area with an unimpeded view of sunrise over Mt. Hood. It's a spot where you can sip your tea, watch the fog burn out of the trees below, and be out of the way of the pedestrian traffic common to other areas of the 9th floor expressway.

Stop by to enjoy a rich caramel mocha, satisfy your sweet tooth, or grab a bit of something from our grab and go cooler.

Now serving Stumptown Coffee

Hours and location

Summit Cafe is closed all weekends and holidays.

Open 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM, M-F

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Find us on the 9th floor of OHSU just down the hall from the Tram loading dock in Kohler Pavilion.

All menus subject to change based on seasonal availability and market fluctuations.