Student Resources

Jackie Wirz Diversity Leadership

At OHSU, we believe diversity means creating a community of inclusion. That is why we are committed to building an environment where students from historically underrepresented populations can thrive and maximize their potential. The Center for Learner Diversity and Inclusion collaborates with schools and other programs or departments to provide the following services.

Featured resource: Scholarship opportunities

View a curated list of scholarship opportunities for students. The current list highlights opportunities in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Student Food Resource Center

Based on surveys in 2018 and 2020, ~25% of OHSU students experience food insecurity. Some of the underlying causes reported included the costs associated with housing, education and transportation, lack of time, lack of access to convenient and healthy food as well as many other reasons. The mission of the Food Resource Center is to promote the value of nutrition, increase self-sufficiency and instill hope while eliminating hunger and hardship in our community. The aim is to prioritize distributing food that is grown and sourced locally and sustainably.

Health Justice Co-op space

Alicia Morland at the HJC

The Health Justice Co-op provides a safe space for students from marginalized communities, designed to foster collaborations that will advance justice in health care and education. The HJC was developed by students of color and of the LGBTQ community and faculty out of a clear response to students' experiences of racism and marginalization on campus and a need for a place designed to support community and collaboration.

  • Open to all OHSU learners.
  • Open daily, space can be reserved through the OHSU Library. 
  • Location: RLSB 4A005

Reserve space through the OHSU Library. Events that serve underrepresented communities will receive priority. 


We offer academic advising to prospective college students interested in OHSU academic programs.

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International Students

Students and employees from outside the U.S. can receive services and information, including immigration advice, from the Office of International Affairs. 

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The Center for Learner Diversity and Inclusion is proud to sponsor several internships for students of color, as well as students from underrepresented or underserved populations.

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Student Access

The Office for Student Access supports the University's mission and value of diversity by providing equal access to its programs and services for students who experience a disability. 

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Student Interest Groups

OHSU is home to local chapters of distinguished national student organizations, as well as other diverse student interest groups--all with a goal of building a stronger community.

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