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Diverse M.D. Student, Physician Mentorship Program

Launched in April 2019, Diversity Mentorship is a partnership between OHSU and Northwest Permanente that help pair OHSU M.D. students from diverse backgrounds with a mentor who may have a similar background or interests. Mentors and learners are matched by the program and meet on a schedule they design over ten months. 

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Mentoring is an important component in medical education and can help build a diverse workforce because relationships with established professionals help expand students’ access to professional networks, aid career development and strengthen confidence. Mentoring also increases a student's interest in specific specialties.

You and your mentor will choose when and where to meet based on what works best for your schedules over the 10 month program period from late January to November. Meetings can take place in person, coffee shops, via video media (Skype, FaceTime, etc.,) and/or over the phone. The schedule you determine is very flexible.

One on one meetings with your mentor will help you to build and maintain a positive relationship while focusing on topics related to career and professional development in Medicine. Mentors may also provide insight, advice, information, and opportunities in the profession.

Mentee Requirements & Expectations:

  • Be a first year medical students and be a member of a SOM Diversity Interest Group. First generational students will be given priority.
  • Submit a brief bio (name, graduating institution, interests in medicine, diversity student group you belong to, hobbies and interests). Insert a photo from your phone.  A word document is preferable.
  • Be able to attend the opening dinner to meet prospective mentors on January 29th at 6 p.m. 
  • Fill out short survey questionnaire at the end of the program
  • Schedule and meet with your mentor during the length of the program.

Support, training and connections

Training: You and your mentor will receive resources, information, and training opportunities to support effective communication and professional development. 

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