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The Center for Learner Diversity and Inclusion creates programs to advance the academic, career and personal development of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students. We offer academic advising to prospective students interested in OHSU academic programs.

In order to give students the best service possible, we ask you to provide the following documents when scheduling an advising session:

  • Current unofficial transcript and past transcripts of all colleges/universities attended
  • Current resume (include volunteer efforts, community service projects, clinical and research experience)

After the advising session, students will be provided with:

  • A short- and long-term academic preparation plan
  • Referral to services as appropriate (e.g., scholarships, enrichment/academic programs, shadowing, mentorship, volunteer and paid opportunities)
  • Contact information to stay in touch
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Please submit materials or direct inquiries to:

OHSU Center for Learner Diversity and Inclusion

Mail code: BICC
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239