Trauma-Informed Yoga

Certified, trauma-informed yoga instructors

CAP partnered with a certified, trauma-informed yoga instructor to offer this space online. Participants were encouraged to engage to the level they felt comfortable, and could use an alias to join live. The sessions focus on participant self-care, and building or or being in community with others working on self-care. You may watch these recorded sessions below.

All sessions

Therapeutic Yoga is brought to you by CAP with Alia Fern of Bhakti Earth Yoga. In each session, Alia reviews the 4 key themes for Therapeutic Yoga:

  1. Experiencing the present moment
  2. Making choices
  3. Practicing empowerment (taking effective actions) 
  4. Creating rhythms

A gentle yoga practice follows. Sessions vary from 11 minutes to 1 hour as noted below.

Session 1 (62 min.): A gentle yoga practice ends with a relaxation technique you can use every day to build awareness (and even help you get to sleep!)
Session 2 (65 min.): Mood regulation through breath regulation, and shapes such as Downward Dog, Sphinx, Chair, and Half fold.
Session 3 (62 min.): Present-moment practice of joint-rotations, various shapes for balance and noticing where and how we add strength to muscles. A gentle Half-Sun Salutation (adapted to chair practice also) that combines Mountain, Ski, and Half-Lift poses is introduced to create more rhythm.
Session 4 (63 min.): Regulating mood through extended exhalations... Finish with our final relaxation and mind/body grounding.

Session 5 (61 min.): Through the lens of H.A.L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired). Sun Breath, Side Bends, and Seated Forward Fold. Balance work, Half Folds and Forward Folds, restorative Forward Fold against the wall... A slightly longer guided relaxation practice.
Session 6 (32 min): Shorter. Accupressure technique on the point called "Gates of Consciousness" (helpful for insomnia and headaches) and flowing arm/shoulder stretch sequence for mobility and breath connection. Movement practices... We close with full-self scan for ending relaxation.
Session 7 (11 min.): A quick practice gives time to reset your day, take some time to be embodied, and feel better through the power of YOUR choices.
Session 8 (11 min.): A quick practice. Standing balance practice to help you tune into balance throughout your life and tap into your center for strength.
Session 9 (32 min.): Sun breath, shoulder rolls, side stretch, and seated cat-cow spine opener. Focus on proper hand alignment and foundations of hand-supported shapes moving to explore the option for downward dog... Finish with mindful breath relaxation.
Session 10: (32 min.) Gentle conscious breathing, lateral spine, side body and shoulder stretches, and cross-legged Seated Forward Folds. Crescent Lunge and Runner's Stretch. Thread the Needle shapes on each side... relaxation and a self-scan for softness.