Art Therapy

The Confidential Advocacy Program at OHSU partnered with a registered art therapist with experience in healthcare settings. Six sessions, 30 to 45 minutes each, are accessible to participants any time the participant would like to access them.

We recommend a multimedia sketchbook, dual tip pens, and watercolor pencils; please check in with your confidential advocate to see if funding is available for supplies. We also recommend art journaling and mindfulness activities as optional additions that can support participants during the sessions. Participants have the option to schedule individual time with their confidential advocate between each session to assist with processing and/or resources. To join art therapy with a confidential advocate, please reach out to

Art is a common way for survivors to heal and explore their emotions. It is used as a part of support services for survivors of intimate partner violence or domestic violence, sexual assault or misconduct, in therapeutic settings, support groups and in community spaces around the world.

Art is also a portion of the support group curriculum often used at Bradley Angle, a culturally-specific agency for LGBTQ+ individuals and Black and/or African American individuals who are survivors of intimate partner violence or domestic violence. View more information on Bradley Angle, community-based agency in Portland, Oregon.

A brief explanation of art therapy and mindfulness as a way to explore emotion, heal, and cope with stress.