A core principle of the CART Initiative is to share the data generated by the technology platform. Data is obtained from a variety of sensors, devices and online health and activity self-reports completed by research participants. It is securely transmitted, stored and disseminated. Raw and processed data is available.

Available data

  • Weekly online health and activity self-report data
  • Clinical assessments
  • Neuropsychological  assessments
  • Watch (wristworn) activity unprocessed data
  • Watch (wristworn) activity processed data (steps, sleep times)
  • Computer use unprocessed data
  • Computer use processed (daily) data
  • Computer mouse use processed data
  • Digital scale unprocessed data
  • Medication tracking raw data
  • Driving processed onboard data port data

Request access to data

To request access to data, please complete our online form. 

Things to remember

  • Data systems are for research use only. The data collected or reported is not intended to replace clinical care.
  • Use requires an additional Data Use Agreement approved by institution IRBs prior to data sharing.
  • Investigators using data from the CART database should provide an overview of the methods used to analyze the data and acknowledge CART in any publications or presentations.

National data repositories

CART collaborates with the following data repositories in order to provide archival datasets for interested investigators.

Research tools

Access and download "how-to" tutorials, data dictionaries, and reports related to algorithms used to process data.

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