The Program in Compassionate Communication

The Program in Compassionate Communication has once again put OHSU in the national spotlight by prioritizing the essential role of skillful, compassionate communication in the healing relationship. 

Many medical schools throughout the country now include communications training in the curriculum, but OHSU is the first both to develop standards for testing these communication skills, and to require that these standards are met before students can graduate. Medical students who were part of mandatory evaluation of their communication skills this year, had these things to say about the new standards of testing:

"Don't make the testing any easier!"

"We're going to need this in the first week of our residency."

"The [testing] was crucial.  I have never done many of these things and I'm so glad I'm moving forward feeling well prepared."

"The [simulations] were amazing.  These are the best tools we have to train us."

"I thought the [testing] was very helpful in preparing for residency.  We regularly observe the residents relaying information to patients, but it is very different when doing it on your own."

"Great having practice delivering bad news."

"The simulations were most helpful as it takes out learning of the didactic portions and makes us practice in the position of intern."

"The [testing] was incredible!"