Mosquito crystal and LCP robots for crystallography

Mosquito Crystallography
Mosquito LCP

The core provides access to automated liquid handlers such as mosquito crystal and mosquito LCP robots that improve the accuracy, reproducibility and throughput of protein crystallography screens, reducing labor intensive plate preparation for screening, optimization and scale up as well as eliminating manual pipetting errors. The mosquito systems offer:

  • Range of low volumes, with robust performance from microlitre to nanolitre scales
  • Accurate and precise pipetting using positive-displacement technology in the 25 nL – 1,200 nL volume range
  • Cost savings from optimized sample use and reduced waste
  • Zero cross contamination - using disposable pipette tips
  • Minimal dead volumes - optimizing reagent use
  • More than just dispensing - our instruments are true pipettors, able to aspirate multiple components, dispense and even mix without splashing or split drops
  • Ease-of-use - intuitive set-up and software proven in multiple-user labs; just walk up and use it
  • Fast - no slow wash steps or system fluids

Cost for using the mosquito crystal and LCP robots for protein crystallography

Consultations and Data Collection/Analysis: This charge is for training personnel, helping to collect, analyze and interpret data. ($125.00/hr)

Experiment hourly use: This is the hourly rate for the instrument. A minimum time of booking is 1 hours ($20.00/hr)

Formulatrix Rock Imager

Rock imager
The Rock imager set at room temperature

The Biophysics Shared Resources Core has two Rock Imagers, one set at room temperature and the other at 4oC. Each imager can screen 96 well plates. This an automated imaging system designed for protein crystallization screening, that captures superior quality images of your protein drops while learning critical information about your crystals