Biolayer Interferometry

Octet Red Biolayer Interferometer

Octet Red Biolayer Interferometer

This instrument uses disposable sensors and can

  • Characterize the kinetics of ligand binding to proteins in real time, in a high throughput environment.
  • Accurately determine the thermodynamics of an interaction by measuring the association and dissociation rate constants from biomolecular interactions studies.

Cost for using the Octet Red Biolayer Interferometer

Training: This process charge is for training personnel on instrument usage and theory. All new users will have to be trained. ($125.00/hr)

Consultations and Data Collection/Analysis: This charge is for training personnel, helping to collect, analyze and interpret data. ($125.00/hr)

Experiment hourly use: This is the hourly rate for the instrument. A minimum time of booking is 1 hours ($40.00/hr).