Submit a Report

Please use this form to submit a report to AAEO. It is intended to document incidents or alleged violations of prohibited discrimination and/or harassment or retaliation, as well as any form of sexual misconduct, including rape, sexual assault, partner violence, stalking, harassment, and sexual discrimination.

This form can be utilized by anyone from the OHSU community wishing to file a report on their own behalf — or by anyone wishing to file a report on behalf of an OHSU community member. Please note that submissions using this form are not reviewed outside of normal business hours.

If you are in immediate crisis, call 911 or 503-494-4444.

Confidentiality and non-retaliation

AAEO investigations are kept confidential to the extent possible under OHSU policies; and information will only be shared on a need to know basis pursuant to AAEO’s investigation protocol or as required by law. OHSU prohibits retaliation against individuals who file a complaint or who participate in an investigation. Alleged retaliation will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Note: If referral is appropriate, your complaint may be directed to Human Resources, Integrity, your Union (if you are a classified employee) or other appropriate OHSU department.