Katherine Powers

Katherine Powers

Katherine Powers, CCRP

Biography: Katherine earned her biology bachelor's emphasizing neuropsychology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2001. As a student worker / research assistant in immunology at the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center she gained experience with small animal and bench science techniques and then went on to develop her skills in patient care and biomonitoring as a polysomnography technician at National Jewish Health. Immediately prior to joining the AIRC, she provided over a decade of project management, image analysis, and clinical research coordination for projects focused on MRI of the white matter processes in the brain at Dr. Jack Simon's laboratory.

Working at the AIRC provides Katherine with the opportunity to put her all of her experience to use in support of MRI research. When not engaged in research activities, she is an avid table top gaming enthusiast who also enjoys creating paintings in oil or pastel.


Clinical research coordination

Brain MRI image analysis (structural and DTI)

Project management and regulatory compliance


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