Community Research Coalitions

The OHSU Community Research Hub has adopted an innovative approach to build capacity for community engaged research across the state of Oregon through the support and dissemination of the role of Community Research Liaisons,    and the development of regional Research Coalitions.

What does a Community Research Liaison do?

Community Research Liaisons live and work in their communities and work side by side with community leaders and health and wellness stakeholders to improve health in the region. Key roles include:
  • engaging and understanding the community to identify opportunities that can benefit from collaboration with academic partners, other experts and/or research and evaluation support.
  • facilitating community engaged research, connecting community members with academic collaborators and research resources or services within and beyond the region.
  • strengthening  bidirectional communication between OHSU and rural communities, to help ensure an informed and unified OHSU presence
  • delivering educational materials and workshops to help develop research best practices and skills that remain in the community.
  • sharing information about important, community oriented funding opportunities.
  • conducting ongoing assessments to evaluate local needs, resources and capacity.

What is a Community Research Coalition?

A Community Research Coalition is a community-academic partnership organized to develop opportunities that support data-driven decision making and research best practices to improve overall community health. Each coalition has a slightly different structure to meet the unique needs and priorities of the community.  All the coalitions include  an advisory group that is comprised of community members that represent the diversity and interests in each region. The model of engagement is based on collaboration and shared leadership and ensure the community is an active part of the research process.

The purpose of developing a research coalition is to bring local and regional stakeholders together with academic partners to collaborate, network and build local capacity for improving health and wellness in the community. Community assessments are conducted to identify gaps and opportunities where projects and organizations can be best supported by resources including; academic expertise, research services, funding opportunities, and training.

Where are the Community Research Liaisons located?OHSU Community Research Map

There are five regions  (Central Oregon, South Coast, North Coast, Southern Oregon, Columbia Gorge) where the Community Research Liaisons have developed targeted strategies that will sustain research activities in those communities. Partnerships in Eastern Oregon are also in development. The OHSU Community Research Map identifies the OHSU Community Liaison located in that area, counties that are included in each coalition and areas where there is an opportunity to join or build a future Community Research Coalition.

How does the Community Research Hub support the Research Coalitions?

The OHSU Community Research Hub (Hub),  located in Central Oregon is directed by Jackilen Shannon, PhD, MPH. Kim Brown, MBA, and the Hub staff support the team of five regional Community Research Liaisons and their associated community-driven research "coalitions."  The Hub houses a Project Assistance Program, Research Navigators and provides expertise in the areas Human Subjects' Protection, Project Design and Implementation. The CRLs meet weekly with the Hub team to share and learn about other regional projects and successes and to leverage other research opportunities for broader impact.