Program Leadership

The leadership, Dr. Daniel Dorsa, Ph.D., and Dr. Jeanne-Marie Guise, M.D., M.P.H., reflects the Oregon BIRCWH's vision for an interactive and cooperative approach to career development and research. Their distinct backgrounds and different career pathways - Dr. Dorsa in the area of basic science research and Dr. Guise in the area of clinical research - reflect the essential melding of backgrounds needed to catalyze outstanding interdisciplinary research. The unique juxtaposition of leadership styles and positions in the institution complement each other to expand the reach of women's health research and career development across OHSU.


Dan Dorsa, Ph.D.

Dan Dorsa, PI
Principal investigator

Dr. Dan Dorsa is senior vice president for research and principal investigator for the BIRCWH program.

Dr. Dorsa received his Ph.D. in Endocrinology and Physiology from the University of California and has been at OHSU since 2002. He administers and coordinates academic research at OHSU's three schools.

Dr. Dorsa has been an active NIH funded investigator for more than 30 years in endocrinology and women's health research. The Dorsa laboratory examines the cellular and molecular events which mediate the effects of estrogen on gene transcription in brain neurons and glia. Classical actions of estrogen involving nuclear hormone receptor dimerization and binding to consensus hormone response elements, as well as "cross-talk" with other protein kinase-dependent signal transduction pathways such as protein kinase A, and the mitogen activated protein kinases are studied. The lab also investigates the relative roles of estrogen receptor-subtypes (ERa and ERb) in these responses. The interest is in understanding membrane initiated events in neuroendocrine regulation, reproductive behavior, and neurotropic effects in the developing and aging brain.

Dr. Dorsa has trained numerous graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical fellows, including M.D. and Ph.D. students. Dr. Dorsa recognizes the importance of mentorship in developing successful academic research careers. As such, he has worked with the BIRCWH program for many years serving as primary mentor and principal investigator. He believes the BIRCWH program is a unique resource to OHSU and an exemplar for interdisciplinary science in women's health research.