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The Oregon BIRCWH Program is not accepting applications at this time. Please see below for full details on eligibility, program details, and application requirements, along with our most recent RFP.

2020 BIRCWH Request for Proposals

If you would like to be notified when a new application cycle is opened, please email Daniel Bouchat.

If you would like more information on the BIRCWH program, please contact Program Director, Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPH


Successful applicants to the Oregon BIRCWH will:

  • Have a clinical doctorate or PhD degree or its equivalent
  • Not have more than six years of research training or experience after their doctoral degree
  • Have completed any postgraduate training normally expected for a faculty appointment in their respective field (including clinical or postdoctoral fellowship training, or residency if they have chosen not to subspecialize)
  • Be a US citizen or possess an Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-151 or I-155)
  • Have identified mentors with extensive research experience
  • Be able to dedicate at least 75% of full-time professional effort to women's health and/or sex/gender differences research
  • Have a faculty appointment (assistant professor or higher) at OHSU at time of appointment to the BIRCWH
  • Must NOT be a PI on an R01 or or subproject of a Program Project (P01), Center (P50, P60, P20, P30, U54) grant, independent mentored career development (K-series)grants, or other equivalent research grant awards;except for R03 and R21

More detailed information on scholar requirements is available from the NIH Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH) Request for Applicants eligibility information. (Under "3. Additional Information on Eligibility - Scholars")

Selection criteria

Scholars will be selected based upon their perceived potential to develop into academically and scientifically successful investigators in women's health and/or sex/gender differences in health. Several factors will be used to evaluate this potential:

  1. Candidate's qualifications and dedication to women's health and/or sex/gender differences, research and academics
  2. Availability and dedication of qualified mentors
  3. Departmental commitment to the individual, in terms of:  complete protection of 75% of their time to research for the tenure of their scholarship and provision of space, equipment, and providing salary gap in excess of BIRCWH commitment
  4. Scientific and technical merit of proposed research
  5. Demonstrated potential for becoming a successful independent investigator in women's health and/or sex/gender differences research
  6. Demonstration that this BIRCWH program is a good fit for the candidate to foster their career as a highly productive investigator