Welcome Summer Interns

OHSU is pleased to welcome students from the Portland area who are working as interns in a number of departments.

The internship program is a partnership with Self Enhancement Inc., a nonprofit committed to providing urban youth and their families key opportunities in education and jobs.

Myesha AbdulrahmanMyesha Abdulrahman

School: Portland State University

Major/Program: Master in Public Administration

OHSU Department: Healthcare Human Resources

"I have had the opportunity to work with several managers in the HR department. I have gain knowledge on the functionality of the individual components of HR such as workforce equity, leave administration, and labor relations. I hope to have exposure to the varying aspects of Healthcare HR so that I can have a better idea of the specific area that I would like to pursue a career in."

Naod Aynalem

Naod Aynalem

School: Jesuit High School

OHSU Department: Center for Diversity & Inclusion

"I've learned how to be more responsible. I have also gained a sense of independence from starting my first real job. I want to be able to be comfortable in a work environment and understand what life will be like once I'm out of high school and into the real world."

Nia DavisNia Davis

School: Johnson C. Smith University

Major: Communications Arts

OHSU Department: Events & Protocol

"I have learned the necessary duties and details to planning small and large events in effective time to insure the desired results of the event for the client. Event and Protocol expects has a major job and communication and networking with outside companies. In addition, I have learned how to build great relationships by giving good customer service and hard work."

"I am interested in media broadcasting and now event planning. So I would love to gain all the knowledge I can that will help me be successful in those fields."

Raeshell DuruRaeshell Duru

School: University of Portland Major: I'm double majoring in communication (with a leadership and advocacy focus) and Sociology (with a criminology focus)

OHSU Department: Center of Diversity and Inclusion

"The Center of Diversity of Inclusion is a well-oiled machine and everyone plays a part. Everyone takes the time to help another person out. Every interaction that I've had at OHSU has continued to motivate my commitment to working hard and being the best member of the OHSU team that I can be."

"At OHSU I see that diversity is very much a part of the everyday agenda. OHSU strives for diversity not merely on the grounds of race and sex. OHSU strives for an all-encompassing, all-inclusive type of diversity that includes outreach to people of a range of different lifestyles and capabilities."

Virginia HankinsVirginia Hankins

School: Portland Community College

Major: Nursing

OHSU Department: School of Nursing Admissions Office

"I have learned a lot about the application process to apply for the Nursing Program at OHSU and other Nursing Programs.  Also, I have learned about the variety of health care programs OHSU offers."

"I would like to sit in a classroom setting with current nursing students to get a feel on what I will be experiencing in nursing school. I would like the opportunity to talk to current nursing students to get their opinions on nursing school."

Derriel Phillip IngramDerriel Phillip Ingram

School: Portland State University

Major: Accounting

OHSU Department: Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity

"Thus far I have learned through my internship to ask the correct questions when they need to be asked and also try your best to answer your own question before you ask someone else. I have also learned to speak of what you need and what you wish to learn and usually a wonderful individual within AAEO will be more than willing to guide you to your wishes. I would like to gain from my summer internship a better understanding of law and human nature. I see how investigators within AAEO are able to sift through lies in order to see the golden truth. I would also like to grasp a better understanding of budget and finances within our department as well as the whole institution."

Iyesha RosserIyesha Rosser

School: Xavier University of Louisiana

Major: Biology Pre-Medicine (Minor in Chemistry)

OHSU Department: VirtuOHSU

"I have learned that all things are possible with the help of other and that networking is the key to success. I would like to get more experience in the field of surgery and all aspect of the field."