Crime Prevention

Officers and Staff
The most effective weapons against crime are common sense, staying alert and taking a few basic precautions. Be sure to note Public Safety's phone numbers:
503 494-4444 Emergency
503 494-7744 Non-Emergency
Notice the location of campus emergency phones. You need only push one button for instant communication with a Public Safety Dispatcher.

Personal Protection

  • If you work late, arrange to leave with a co-worker or call Public Safety for assistance
  • Refrain from getting in elevators with people who look out of place or behave strangely; report them to Public Safety
  • If you feel you're being followed, go to an office where there are other people
  • When walking to your car or home from work, vary your route
  • Be alert to any suspicious persons or vehicles
  • Carry a fully-charged cell phone with emergency numbers pre-programmed into the device

In a Threatening Situation

  • The best defense is avoidance and to follow your instincts
  • Decide what you will do in various situations before they occur; role play with a friend
  • If you are confronted by someone who only wants property, give it to them
  • Try to get an accurate description of the assailant; if a vehicle is involved, get the license number and call Public Safety

Office Security

  • Keep your purse, wallet or other valuables with you at all times or lock them in a drawer or closet
  • Never leave your keys lying around
  • Cash left on your desk or in an unlocked drawer is a great temptation to thieves

Keys/ID Badge

  • Wear your ID badge at all times
  • If you are responsible for office keys, don't leave them on your desk or in the top drawer where they could easily be taken or copied
  • If keys or ID badge are lost or stolen, notify Public Safety
  • When an employee leaves OHSU, collect their ID badge and keys and turn these in at the T&P customer service desk

Property Protection

  • Property theft and damage is the most common crime on campus
  • Engrave personal property, such as a coffee pot, radio or calculator with your Oregon Driver's License number, like this: OR 123456 DL
  • Keep a written record of all personal valuables including descriptions and serial numbers as evidence the property is yours


  • Report all crimes, no matter how minor they may seem
  • Notify Public Safety of all suspicious persons or activity
  • Post Public Safety's emergency phone number near your desk phone and save it on your mobile phone
  • Report to Public Safety any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors or doors that don't lock properly

Crime Prevention Services

Public Safety is available to review physical security concerns (locks, doors, access control, parking areas, lighting, etc.), personal security concerns, and any other topic related to the safety and security of our community. Our services include:
or call our dispatch center at 503 494-7744.

Find out what you can do to prevent thefts on campus.

Identity theft protection and reporting.

In Case of Emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503 494-4444.