OHSU Public Safety Communications Center

Our communication center

The OHSU Public Safety Communications Center is the central communications hub for OHSU Police and operates 24 hours a day, year round.

OHSU Telecommunicators are an integral part of the Department of Public Safety and they work directly with OHSU Police Officers and Community Service Officers to manage and respond to incidents of all kinds impacting the OHSU community.  The Dispatch Center also handles emergency facilities requests for OHSU.

9 full-time telecommunicators, a supervisor, and manager handle more than 70,000 calls for service a year.  The Public Safety Communications Center serves as the primary answering point for all OHSU police and public safety calls, ranging from door unlocks to serious emergencies where life or property may be at risk.  OHSU Telecommunicators are also the liaison between OHSU and our partner agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, Portland Fire & Rescue and EMS services.

What to expect when you call

Generally, you can expect to be asked multiple questions so telecommunicators can determine your location and the type of resources needed to assist you.  You may be asked to hold while telecommunicators handle other emergencies.  Do not hang up - remain on the phone until you have spoken with a telecommunicators and he/she terminates the call.

You will be asked for your exact location - be ready to provide the name of the building, floor/unit, and room if applicable.  If you are outside, try and obtain a street address, intersection, or building name you are closest to.

Telecommunicators will then determine the nature of your call - whether you need police, fire, or medical assistance, or if you are calling to submit an OHSU Facilities emergency request.  Be ready to answer multiple questions and provide as much information as possible.

You will also be asked for your name and a phone number where you can be contacted should responding agencies need further information.

Employee communicating on walkie talkie after viewing surveillance monitors

In case of emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503-494-4444