Public Safety Services


The mission of Public Safety is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.  We strive to achieve this mission through a community approach that enhances safety through the visibility of preventive patrols, positive conflict resolution and crime prevention programs.

Criminal activity is investigated by OHSU Police Officers available to respond to crime scenes 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that items of an evidentiary nature are properly protected, collected and processed, and to confer with local, county and state law enforcement agencies.  Investigations are conducted for the prosecution of serious criminal offenses.

We do our best, but we can't do it alone.  We rely on citizens to get involved, step forward and report crimes.  If you've witnessed a crime, suspicious activity or behavior out of the ordinary, please call and report it.  Early reporting of potential unsafe situations can be key to preventing a tragedy.  OHSU community members who observe, experience, or become aware of threats that constitute actual or potential workplace violence, or any potential threat of violence, shall report the information immediately to the Department of Public Safety by calling our dispatch center at 503-494-7744 and asking to speak with an officer. 

Our Safety Services include, but not limited to:

A member of the OHSU police meets with community members.

Motorist assistance

Motorists who need assistance should call our dispatch center at 503-494-7744 and press zero.  Depending priority incidents, there may be a short delay.  Response times for non-emergency service calls average fifteen minutes.

Public Safety can help with:

  • Dead Batteries
  • Lost Vehicles
  • Vehicles Lock-outs: This service may not be available for all vehicle types or at all times of the day

Please note, Public Safety does not have gas or fuel available for empty vehicles.

If further expertise or vehicle repair is needed, the telephone number of a qualified vendor will be provided.

Lost and found

Lost and found items should be turned into the Public Safety Office.  Found ID Badges must be returned to the Customer Service counter at the Transportation and Parking office immediately.

To check on a lost item, or pick up a lost item, call 503-494-7744 and press zero.  Bring valid ID with you to the Public Safety Office when retrieving your item. 

If you have lost property where the item is identifiable (i.e. name, phone number, personal identification), Public Safety will attempt to reach the owner.

Lost and found items will be held 90 days.  Property unclaimed at the conclusion of this period will be discarded or donated.

Threat assessment and workplace violence

OHSU has a multi-disciplinary threat assessment team (TAT) which combines the efforts, manpower, knowledge and resources of various OHSU departments for early intervention to de-escalate any potentially violent situation.  The team works to balance confidentiality and the need to know with the right to privacy.  They also understand the need to protect the OHSU community while working to prevent acts of violence and allow affected individuals to remain functional members of the workforce whenever possible.  This dynamic process which is evidence based where specific behaviors and situational factors are used to determine level of threat, safety planning and how to help mitigate a potential threat.  When calling Public Safety about a threat or workplace violence, an officer will gather facts, triage the threat or potential threat and activate the TAT when appropriate.  All incidents of workplace violence should also be immediately reported to a supervisor and to Human Resources at 503-494-8060.